Suburbia ~ Official RP Thread


Hello, hello! My name is Alyssa, and welcome to the official roleplay thread of Suburbia.

You live in Suburbia, otherwise known as Mayville, PA. Although you’re a resident of Mayville when a mass murder occurs, you aren’t really affected. Sure, Mayville hasn’t had as much as a robbery, but you don’t know anybody killed, so why bother, right?


You’ve been called by the MPD or Mayville Police Department, and they want to question you. Why waste their time on you, you didn’t do anything, right?


Forced to stay at the “group interrogation room” - a 20th-century lounge room where you and the other suspects will be under constant surveillance -, you must make the right friends and enemies, because one of you is the killer.

  1. If you are the killer, do not reveal yourself out.
  2. Make sure you stick to your character as much as possible, this will make it so much easier for me to be the police.
  3. Make sure when you’re cursing, blur it out using *'s or the blur spoiler.
  4. If you have any other questions, please PM me or @queenkhadijah999, though Miss Khadijah will have a more accurate answer.
  5. Sexual interactions are aloud, but please do not go into much detail, I will stop you after you rip off each other’s clothes are something.
  6. Stick to your original strength, intelligence, and romance scales. This can affect the overall story.
  7. If you’d like to sign up, here is the thread.
  8. Please avoid using OOCs or ORPs randomly out of your character’s response.
  9. Every NPC will be played as @queenkhadijah999 and/or myself.
  10. Do not control other characters besides your own.
The Roleplayers

@Chocolate_Mama @Caticorn @AngelinaTheUnicorn @aprilish @Clarkiiie @Wingsoffire @The_Surgeon @readerslivesouls



Everybody is home right now, the police is on their way to call everybody into interrogation.

@Chocolate_Mama @Caticorn @AngelinaTheUnicorn @aprilish @Clarkiiie @Wingsoffire


Nova Clark
Nova sits on her couch at home, binge watching Stranger Things, and eating Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Suddenly, she gets a phone call.


She walked around the room as she cleaned up. Stopping ever so often to check the oven. Once she heard the sirens she shrugged. She didn’t take much time into investigating the sound.


Detective Wilson
"Hello, Ms Clark, I’m Detective Patrick Wilson, and you’ve been suspected in this murder case."He says, talking into the phone."My fellow police officers are right outside of your house, ready to bring you over. We’ll hold you in overnight, then release ya in the morning."He says, taking a sip of his coffee soon after.



Detective Wilson
He hung up the phone, then called Jordin Shivers."You’re being called in, Miss Shivers, police are out, they’re ready for ya."He says into the phone.



She listened for a moment.” Alright I’ll be out.” She turned her oven off as she walked outside.


Nova Clark
Nova was shook. Murder she thought… “Murder?! What?! Who was killed!? What did I do…” Nova said this and realized she couldn’t do anything about it. The Officer hung up the phone, and Nova turned off Stranger Things and put her ice cream in the freezer. I’ll be back, she thought. I’ll be back for you Will.


OOC: She doesn’t know about it.


OOC: Know about what?


OOC: Know about the murder, they’re just being called into the police station.



…You sure?


OOC: Oops, sorry then.

Also, please use OOCs/ORPs.


OOC: It’s Fine.


Nova Clark
Nova took a deep breath in a closed the her front door, locking it with her key. As she turned around she saw three police cars each with two officers. As she walked down her steps, she began replaying her life in her head.


Police Officer
"Please step into the vehicle."He says, lowering his sunglasses.

ORP: The officers are saying the same thing to both @Chocolate_Mama and @Clarkiiie


Chessa Eastwood

Chessa sits in a dimly lit room, trying her best not to give into the ever so despised writer’s block, as she works on her new novel. She gets up and begins pacing the room, searching for new ideas, when her phone starts buzzing and breaks the silence.


Nova Clark
She nodded, Hesitating she opened the door, sitting down in the back seat she buckled up. The officer then turned on the radio, which coincidentally was playing Micheal Jackson’s Smooth Criminal. Nova’s gripped clutched her seat belt as the car drove off.


She turned to look at him.” What’s the point?”


Police Officer
"All of the residents have been called in, don’t feel left out, Miss Shivers."He says, giving her a look through the mirror. They finally arrived at the police station, where she was brought into a group interrogation room where two other girls were currently there.

@Chocolate_Mama You’re free to interact with Lacy Aldolfo (Thirteen Years Old) or with Mariyana Aldolfo (Eighteen Years Old)