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Halloway, a small town somewhere in midwestern USA, is not at all the happy little town it might seem to be from the outside.

The three neighborhoods - Alder Point, Curassow and Lexington - might not be outspoken enemies, but there is definitely much prejudice between them. Dating someone from another neighborhood, for example, is frowned upon.

A new website has also recently been created that was originally meant for general news from each neighborhood - but has now been taken over by ruthless teenagers who just want to spread nasty rumors about everyone and their parents.

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How to get your gossip posted on the website
  1. Scroll all the way down the main page of the website.
  2. Follow the instructions.
  3. Submit!
How to comment on gossip on the website
  1. Click on whatever blogpost you want to post on (you click on the titles).
  2. Scroll down to “leave a reply”.
  3. Fill out the information of the character you want to leave a comment as (you don’t need to fill out the spaces asking for your email and website).
  4. Refresh the website.
  5. … And your comment should be there!


  • Write in first person’s perspective.
  • Write in the past tense.
  • No descriptive sex scenes.
  • Not too much godmodding.
  • Be active!
  • Please don’t leave gossip about other characters to be mean.
  • The gossip I post about your characters is not to be mean to you, either, so please don’t get mad at me! :sweat_smile:
  • More rules can be added as we go on.

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Ah … the first day of school. Fun for some, a nightmare for others. Even though it might be fun for students to get to see their friends again after the long summer vacation, the real winners when it comes to back to school season are, of course, the parents. Even though seeing their kids a bit less then normal won’t stop them from the overall stress of parenting, they will still get some time to breathe. Unless they’re so unlucky that their co-workers are just as childish as their own children …

This particular day starts of like any other, but that’s about to change. When the citizens of each neighborhood go to check , like they always do every morning to get the weather report, etc. They find that the website has changed. If they think it’s for the worse or for the better depends entirely on their character.

But, since this day is like any day after summer vacation, they don’t have much time to think about that. It’s time to start their first day back … in Halloway.


rachel evergreen :wilted_flower:

I’d wake up next to Lucy & Have a shower, as soon as I did I went outside to smoke a cigarette, ‘‘Guess Summer Vacay Is over…’’ I’d go back inside to wake up Gaya, before that I threw my cigarette away ‘‘Hey sweetheart,’’ I’d stroke her hair, ‘‘Time to have a shower.’’


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Danielle Hudson
I rolled over in my bed and turned off the alarm coming from my phone. I sat up and scrolled through some social media on my phone and replied to a couple texts before standing and going to the bathroom to start and get ready for the first day of school. I did my make up and hair then went back into the room to find something to wear. Once I did, I walked to the kitchen and got myself a cup of coffee, pouring some vanilla creamer in it and putting ice in it. I sat at the counter and went on my phone. I wasnt sure if any of my siblings were up yet.

Delilah Hudson

I rolled out of bed, gripping my stomach in pain. Maybe Rain was right and eating cookies and ice cream in the morning was a bad idea I thought to herself as my belly continued to hurt me. Maybe this can be an excuse to get me out of going to school today. I then ran through the halls looking for my mother she’ll feel sorry for me. As I was about to turn the halls I bounced into my daddy.
“Daddy!!” I say excitedly, hoping he would let me stay home.

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Stepanie Evergreen

As I heard some noices coming from Rachel and Lucila’s room (it was unclear who it was at this point) I slowly forced my eyes to open and face whatever this day would turn out to be. I sat on the uncomfortable bed my older sister had gotten for me at the last minute, and yawned so big I felt like my mouth would rip wide open. After finally getting myself to feel a little more awake, I put on the outfit that was basically just the clothes I had most recently bought and walked out of my room.

Timothy Bee

I had already gotten up when the rest of my family started to rise from their slumbers. All for one prank I had planned the whole week before this one. I had put tape over every water tap in the house, put saran wrap under every toilet seat, and put tiny rocks in both my parents’ and two of my sisters’ shoes. The only member of my family I had decided not to prank was my tiny sister, Ivy. I slowly opened her door and then woke her with a soft poke on her arm.

“Ivy …” I whispered, “Ivy, wake up! It’s prank time …”

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Jason Samuelson
I had only snuck back into the house a few hours ago from one of my nightly sneak outs to drink and smoke so when my alarm went off I of course snoozed it multiple times. after about 7 times I finally got up and put on a pair of black jeans and a sweatshirt on with my vans. I left the house and got into my jeep to go and meet some people in the parking lot before school started


While I walking around to wake up the kids I saw Delilah then picked her up “Hey sweet what’s wrong?” I asked her with a smile

Melody Bee :dizzy:

I woke up, exhausted and tired. I rubbed my eyes, I looked at my husband. “Maybe I should wake up…” I thought, but I don’t wanna, he’ll wake up. I groaned, as I got up, and went in the bathroom. I was too tired to look at the toliet, and just sat down.

“AW! WHAT THE HECK!” I yelled at the top of my lungs, Timothy did it again. I groaned, as I grabbed scissors, and stabbed it into the saran wrap to get it off. I went into the shower, and tried to shower, and guess what!?

It didn’t work, I rolled my eyes, and looked closely, and took the tape off. I took a shower, and changed into my dentist outfit, grabbing my shoes, and my feet started hurting, REALLY bad… I looked inside my shoes, seeing rocks in it, I got them out and ran out into the halls of our rooms.


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Macahl Jackson (Bee)

I was already awake and getting ready, even before my alarm went off. I wanted to look good for my first day of school. I lived with my aunt and was happy I am here but sometimes feel like I am intruding on their family time so I try and distant myself once in awhile.


I squeled when he picked my up “Daddy my belly hurts,” I say softly.
Then I gave him my best puppy dog eyes “Pweaseee with strawberries, and chocolate on top let me stay home.” I begged him.


“Butttt I just wanna sleep” I said then after awhile he got me to get out of bed “Prank time?” I said then laughed “Who are we going to prank?” I said then had a evil smile on my face “Moms going to kill you” I said laughing

Jordan Jacob

I took a sip of my coffee as I watched the five strips of bacon sizzle next to the four pancakes I had made from the box. I sighed. Even when I tried to be the picture-perfect father that made his daughter breakfast in bed on her first day of school, I still failed in some way. I told myself that it would be fine. Carly didn’t exactly expect a lot from me, since I was far from being the perfect dad 99% of the year. Still, it would’ve been nice to impress her for once. I sneakily looked through the door to her bedroom that was slightly open. She seemed to still be asleep.

I couldn’t stop thinking about that post on that Halloway website … I had been told by my neighbors that the website was for things like news about flea markets and stuff … not gossip about my private life! Lord knew I was never going on that website again.


Brooke Turnblad

I turned off my alarm with a long, angry groan. Whoever invented those stupid things deserved to be beheaded. And if anyone was looking for volonteers, I was happy to do the job. My husband seemed unbothered by the noice, which only further annoyed me. I pushed him, a little harder then I first meant to.

“Get up” I mumbled, and then did what I had told him to do. Seemed like most things went that way in our marriage. I wrapped myself in my dark blue robe and walked over to the hallway where the doors that lead to all my kids’ bedrooms were. I knocked on each one before yelling “come on, get up before I leave without you!” to each kid.

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Timothy Bee

When I heard my tired mothers complaining from upstairs, I couldn’t help but start laughing. I couldn’t wait to see the look on her face! I quickly picked up little Ivy and ran into the walk-in closet in her room. It was hard to fit in there with all the toys and dresses laying around, but I managed to sit her down on a toy box.

“Scch … she’ll never find us!” I whispered with a big smile on my face, trying hard to not start laughing again.

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Riley Turnblad

I groaned my head was pounding, the party yesterday was lit but was it worth all this pain now. As I stood up the while world began to spin, god how I hate hangovers. I slowly walked over to the bathroom but began to run when I felt as I was about to hurl. Eventually after 16 minutes I got up and began to nake myself presentable.
I walked into the kitchen where I saw my mother.
I sighed “Good morning mother,”



Melody Bee

I run into Ivy’s room, and Ivy is not to be seen. I was so mad my head was on fire. I yelled out, “OH MY GOD! IVY ISN’T IN THE HOUSE! AND TIMOTHY IS GONE! WHAT IF THERE PLANNING AN EVIL SCHEME TO END THE WORLD!” I couldn’t control myself, so I randomly said that, and I tightened my fists.

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Angeline Bee

I waked up, and got into the shower, the shower didn’t work, so I ran out with a towel into Ivy’s room, seeing mom in there “ONCE I FIND YOU TIMOTHY I’M SERIOUSLY GONNA RIP YOUR HEAD OFF!” I yelled, and crushed my fists. I was being sarcastic, just so he can come out of where ever he is.

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Brooke Turnblad

I raised an eyebrow at my daughter. In the time it had taken Riley to get up, get in to the bathroom and then get out of the bathroom, I had gotten dressed, put my makeup on and made coffee.

“Mornin’” I said, pouring coffee into my favorite cup that said boss b*tch on it. “Those minutes in the bathroom either mean bulimia - which is so 1995, by the way - pregnancy or hangover. I suggest you tell me which it is right now so your punishment won’t be as harsh”




I rolled my eyes at her “Lighten up a bit would ya it’s nothing but a simple cold,” “Jeez mother must you think the worst of me.”


Timothy Bee

Hearing their outrage made me unable to contain my laughter anymore. I suddenly started laughing so hard I felt like my lungs were going to explode. This somehow made me fall out of the closet, thankfully without breaking it, and out onto Ivy’s bedroom floor. I then noticed that I was lying right underneath my furious mother.

“I swear, mom, none of that was my fault! Ivy is the mastermind behind all of this!” I said, looking as innocent as possible and pointing at my little sister.

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Brooke Turnblad

“Do you blame me?” I shot back at my daughter, giving her an ice cold look. That kid really knew how to push my bottons. She knew how much i depised being belittled like this. “I’m serious, Riley, this behaviour is unacceptable. Think about where you live for a second. Think about who you are

I got chills when I recognized my own mothers words coming from my own mouth. I remembered I swore the day I heard them that I would never give such bullsh*t to my children. How wrong I was.


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Lucila Evergreen :sunflower:

I wake up, seeing my Rachel as the first thing i see when opening my eyes, I smiled, kissed her and sat up, wiping my eyes, and smiled at the sight of Rachel,
I got up, washed my face and got dressed


As seeing Rachel went to wake up Gaya, I went to wake up Lucca

“buenos dias conejito” (good morning little bunny) I slightly opened the window so light will fill the room “It’s time to wake up sweetie” i sat on his bed


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