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Hey, it’s Khadijah, and this is Suburbia.

You live in Suburbia, otherwise known as Mayville, PA. Although you’re a resident of Mayville when a mass murder occurs, you aren’t really affected. Sure, Mayville hasn’t had as much as a robbery, but you don’t know anybody killed, so why bother, right?


You’ve been called by the MPD or Mayville Police Department, and they want to question you. Why waste their time on you, you didn’t do anything, right?


Forced to stay at the “group interrogation room” - a 20th-century lounge room where you and the other suspects will be under constant surveillance -, you must make the right friends and enemies, because one of you is the killer.

Plot twists at every turn.



Apply to be killer!

If you’re unable to sign up right now, please reserve a character.

RP starts after 5 different people have signed up, but you can sign up any time!
RP will be on a different thread!

The RP starts on the first day of the group interrogation.

Tagging RP gods:
@Lady-Mehek @Chocolate_Mama @LTea @jdepisode @Cricket_Master @Mashia @EpisodeGirl

Tagging interested people:
@Etherwalker @L375

Thank you for your time and hope you sign up!

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The Life Thread



If anyone told you flattery won’t get you anywhere, they were wrong. XD

I am reserving for a male, please.

(^ • ω • ^)


Awesome! :wink:

May I tag you later on, maybe in about a week?


Thank you. (^ • ω • ^)


Reserve a girl.


If you don’t sign up in about a week, I’ll be sure to tag you!


I’m shooketh you tagged me. But it sounds interesting. :blush:


half of me is intrigued
half of me says I don’t have the time for this since I have about 2873234938 signups to do already
half of me is laughing at the idea of me being an RP God
half of me is honored at it
half of me is now sure I’m bad at math based on all these halves

so all of me has come to the consensus that I won’t be reserving yet, but if I can get other signup forms done, I may end up reserving later on.

also welcome to the RP/SG subsection Khadijah!


thank you
(I know that feeling - gosh darn it, why all the RPs so good?)

also, thanks for the welcome
(I literally just started doing RPs, and now I’m like - why don’t I make one? :sweat_smile:)


Aww :heart: XD


Reserve for a girl pls :v:


I might sign up but I mean, I’m in a lot… okay a small amount of roleplays but it’s alot to me.

Atleast I’m Honest?


bumping shamelessly


bumpity bumpity bump


Reserved for a male pls


Of course!


Pretty sure I submitted right?


Yep! Thank for your response!


Ok just checking to make sure :grin: