Such an awful gem choice ever!

Hello everyone. I’m just done reading the episode official story Hot Mess has an ending which was awful and terrible! I’ve never read a story with such a bad ending. The author literally put up the gem choice like “pay gems otherwise seperate your ways with your LI” I MEAN WHERE’S THE DAMN POINT IN THAT!!? I don’t mean to offend anyone and if you liked the story, it’s totally alrighttt. I was just trying to get the stuff down my system because each and every choice was literally gem-hungry!! I was truly disappointed with the ending. That shouldn’t have been related to gems, because damn, I can’t explain it. It was the only story I was deeply involved in, regarding episode original stories. I guess I should’ve sticked to not reading official stories at all😂


Yeah I can relate to gem problems I only have 6 gems and one story I have been reading I think it was Boyfriend For Rent. The gem options were Literally 20 gems each :gem:. Like in one episode you were either going to wear a Premium Dress or Pajamas for I think it was a date scene. Of course the Premium Dress was 20 gems :gem:. And well the Pajama option was free.

Honestly Episode stop making the gem options so high and have terrible and annoying consequences for not choosing them. :roll_eyes:


Episode be like:

No one:

Not a single person:

MC: What should I do? :exploding_head: :tired_face: :hear_no_evil:

:gem: 97644 :gem: - “Smell your LI”
Free - “Push them off the cliff”


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Smell your LI???


Omggg absolutely correct🤣


I finished reading Hot Mess too, and was also pretty p*ssed. Like, um, H3LL no. I’m not paying for a short happy ending!

Then I said forget it because the age gap between Scott and the MC is questionable. I mean, she’s 18 and he’s 27? No, thank you. It wasn’t meant to be.


So the new story “Size Matters” had this angering choice. It was after the MC fell -AND GOT BACK UP- and it went something alone the lines of:

29💎: Have a conversation with your love interest because he helped you up
19💎: Make a joke so you aren’t a complete loser

…bruh I’m sorry episode is doing too much. And there have been worse, I know I’ve seen them. That was in the first chapter only, btw.

Also the cover of that has a mid-sized girl. She could pass as a plus sized model, but not an actual plus sized girl. They couldn’t even put her on the cover the way they should? It’s a litteral story about a big girl finding love and they put a girl with thick thighs on the cover and call it good? :face_exhaling:


That is so stupid!

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yeah that’s what I thought too. And left and parted ways with Scott :joy: my 29 gems were not worth of 29 seconds scene :clown_face:

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Bruhhhhhhh that’s too much :skull: that’s why I’ve decided to stick to not reading official stories at all. Only when there’s this offer pops up where you read 5 chapters and get 6 gems, I might consider it :joy: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Me too, I often just click without actually reading :face_exhaling:


I don’t think any Episode story should have gem choices.


I don’t read Original Episode stories, because of the gem choices. You need to spend minimal 16 gems to get 6 gems in return. :woman_shrugging:t2:


PRELYNNN hi lmao so I’m literally reading the same story just to get some gems. :joy: I’m only like half-way through it but to be honest, that ending does not surprise me one bit. The choices in that story are AWFUL :joy::joy::-1:

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HEYYY CRIMMM!!! Fancy seeing you here! :joy: You’re absolutely right! :joy: :100: the choices were terrible :clown_face:

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I thought it was just me. Hot mess was probably one on the worst episode official stories I have ever read. The choices were so stupid. 19 gems to stand up to people.19 gems to explain yourself. 19 gems to be nice basically. Like ugh.


Hot Mess really was a hot mess. And what kind of insult name is Trash Can Girl anyway? Very unoriginal.

The second-worst gem choice in this story had to be all the outfit gem choices. Those outfits (especially the lingerie ones) were way to sexy for someone that’s still a teenager, but the worst part was the MC’s best friends encouraging she should wear them! I mean, who does that?!


My only issues with the outfits were how many gems they cost. I was like 29 gems really. No and then you couldn’t even be with the LI. That was totally crazy and I have never seen that happen in episode before.


The whole story like if you don’t spend gems the story basically sucks for you.