Sufferjng from Over-protectiveness!


Hmm maybe he will get it someday.


It sounds kind of unhealthy and toxic. I don’t know if that’s just me. When someone is over-protective, some people assume that they’re “caring” but I think that’s kind of the opposite. Because, if someone actually cares about you they would trust you and let you do whatever you wanna do. Let you do your own way rather their way. I knew someone like that before (and someone kinda acts like that in my family) and my gosh it was suffocating lmao. I’ve even tried talking to the person about it and of course they didn’t listen, so there wasn’t really a point. So I just became a little distant and did my thing without the person knowing. I just don’t like being told what to do because I’m my own being and I have my rights. We all do. Nobody should get in that way


Exactly! It’s not caring LMAO. It’s annoying and irritating but not caring. sighs


I don’t like being told either.


Yeah, some tend to confuse over-protectiveness for care. It’s a big misconception. and it’s infuriating as hell I know lol


I hate nothing more than being under estimated. I mean not that you should stop caring but maybe believe me when i say I can protect myself…