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Sugar Cane
We want you to join Sugar Cane!

We are a group of writers and what-nots, here to write blissful stories for episode!

RULES + procedure

  • In the comments write me what you want to apply for and why you should be chosen.

  • If I think you contend, I will message you privately with a few questions.

Ask me any questions!


I want to be an outfit creator. I think I should be chosen because really like to create new outfits and I think that I am pretty creative with it.


Also, which style are you going to write?


We do small Classic, but mostly Ink and LL.


@Hello12345 Send me your work on PMs and I’ll consider.


Okay sure





You like it?


Yep! Check your PMs. Answer the extra questions and I’ll let ya know!

  • I can make outfits
  • I can code pretty well
  • I can write ( mostly fantasy and romance)
    the reason, why I should be chosen, is cause I think I’m very skilled and a very creative person,


Okay, @Writing.queen. Send me a PM or reply some of your work to me.


I’m really good at writing romance! I also can do outfits! Love matching pretty clothes!


my outfits~


Send me your work @Gabi.Stories!


Do you want me to send you an outfit?


Nice outfits. After Gabi sends me examples, I’ll interview both of you.


thank you!




They are my creations!