Suggest me some good horror stories

I want to read some good Horror stories.:smiling_imp::fearful:
Feel free to share your horror story
I will read them.
Thank you :blush:

do you prefer INK or LL or do you not care ?

Both but I like ink more

  1. Title: Hello?
    Description: You start receiving strange messages from an unknown number. Can you be a good girl & win the twisted game survival? 4 endings
    Authors: Evil Ebonni and Old Mate
    Chapters: Completed
  2. Title: The infected
    Description: A bad boy, a cheerleader, a dumb jock, a nerd and you: five different high schoolers who must work together to survive the zombie apocalypse (CC, timed choices, LBBTQ options)
    Author: Caitoriri
    Chapters: on going

Those two are recently horror stories I read and loved.

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Thanks girl :blush:

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Hit and Run by EliseC :ghost:


Ooh how about a horror story about Musical chairs uwu

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