Suggest me some manhwa or manga?

So I’ve neen reading a lot lately and I’m out of things to read. And I would love it you know some stories that have a cute artstyle like in Here U Are. And a story similar to that.

So if you can, please suggest me some manhwa or manga.
Genres can be: Romance, Comedy, Shounen-ai, yaoi, slice of life, supernatural

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I don’t know what manhwa is but here are some good books

Book title , Genre , Rating , Description
Skink No Surrender: Mystery: 10/10: Richard’s cousin goes missing. Richard meets a strange old man that want to find Richard’s cousin. The path leading to his cousin is almost as interesting as the old man.

Cracker: Dog/War : 9/10: Cracker gets taken away from her owner to go to war. When she gets to training, why, she is the worst. But that all changes and she goes on to an amazing journey

Bridge to Terribitha: Idk the genre: 8/10: There is a new girl in town that turns out to be Billie’s neighbor! They explore the wonderful land of Terribithia together until a terrible tragedy happens…

Harry Potter: Fantasy/ Wizardry: 10/10: Harry is new to Hogwarts(school of wizards) after leaving his old, mean home. He meets a friend or two and unlocks the mystery of the stone.

Refugee:(Children that flee their country): 10/10: Isabel, Josef, and Mahmoud live in different parts of the world at different times in history. Yet, they all have to leave their country to go somewhere else. The connection between their stories is shocking and breathtaking.

Thanks. I’ll check those out.

Also Manhwa is is Korean comic. It’s kinda like Manga but it’s read from left to right.

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Oh! Cool!

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