Suggest me some stories that have these characteristics!


The story should be a real as possible cause I don’t want to waste time reading something that isn’t close to reality. I want it to be close to reality. I want a story that has a message and that teaches you some valuable things.

Art doesn’t matter .

I want it to have correct grammar and proper use of English.

And the author should be 17 or older because I want stories from experienced people in life .

And it should be about college


Have you read Adrenaline?


no what is it about and who wrote it?


You have to read it. It’s SUCH a good story! :laughing:


Here is the description of the story “Training to be a housewife leaves 22-year-old Liane Williams dreaming of freedom. Wanting to live a life of adventure and escape her arranged marriage to multi-millionaire Derek Smith, an opportunity to leave it all behind comes in the form of the rebellious criminal, Andre Castle. Andre shows Liane a world she never knew existed, an underground full of adventure and adrenaline. But nothing is ever that simple. With a fiance hunting her down, having to earn her place in Andre’s gang and proving her strength as a woman, it won’t be an easy journey.
Can Liane learn the ropes to this world while resisting her newfound temptations of lust?”

It’s really amazing, I assure you it’s not one of those cliche stories. It has real plot, good twists and really good directing. The author is Evii Ebonni, I don’t know how old she is though.

EDIT: But I know she’s an experienced author, she has published other successful stories too.


will add it on my favourite list for sure


Ill make sure to check it out :slight_smile:


I also recommend reading:
The Renegades
The Bad Boy Game
H & V: Magician’s code
From A to Z
Side Chicks: Guide To Revenge
Faking Death
The Dream And The Dreamer

Give them a read, all of them are really good.


thank you :slight_smile:


Hello, Ana - I would suggest my story but it does not greatly revolve around college. It revolves more around college aged people and my personal experiences with pushing people away worrying about the could have been.


And what is your story name?


Crossed Paths.


Also I am 19 years old (20s are creeping on me soon).

A bit personal but I have not had much of a romantic life however, I have pushed an amazing guy away once and it still sorta hurts me to this day. I don’t want people to feel the same as I did, I want people to let people in and I hope my story helps encourage my readers to keep their guard down around the ones who want to be there for you.


thank you for suggesting :slight_smile:


No worries :smiley:


You should also read : Meet me at sunrise
The author’s name is Lina and she is about 22 years old.

The story is amazing. It makes you laugh, cry and have a really good time while reading it. It has a big plot twist and it is really good and real. It could be someone’s life. You can also relate to it and learn things abut life and yourself.

I absolutely recommend it. :wink:


I would say The Trophy Wife. It’s another good story and you should give it a read. I rather not say what it’s about because I don’t wanna spoil it for you. :wink:


Speak by J. Miley is a very realistic story that has a very strong message about never giving up. The story begins as the MC starts college and is trying to forget her past. The author is married and has kids, and the story is based off personal experiences.


Have you read The Fourth Floor by h.b?
It’s based on her own college experience so you’re guaranteed realism there.


Have you read Reputation by Mira Mira? I’ll never stop recommending that story. The author is in college, and the characters are all either in college or with a career. The main characters are actors, and it’s about the struggles they face in the entertainment industry and how important a celebrity’s reputation is. I love it because all the characters have so many layers and feel like real people.