Suggest people to interview (authors, editors, etc.) 💙

Hello everyone! We’re EpisodeSquad, our goal is to connect community more. We interview episodians from authors to editors. We recently did an interview with Saphy.editz! Suggest your favorite authors (reply their ig account and their stories), editors (reply their ig account) and other episodians as well like readers, directors, and episode accounts. Thank you!

We’ve already done an interview with Saphy.edits and Rosalinndrws. We have interviewed authors as well but we haven’t posted it yet!

Make sure to check our ig account @episodessquad for the interview!

Check out our other thread: “Suggest underrated stories :blue_heart:


So do you only interview authors who have published story… in general??

If in general… I would like to have one…

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Hello @Shona4b sorry for the late reply, yes we interview authors who have published stories on Episode. Do you have an instagram account so we can talk there through DM? Thank you :blue_heart:

How about @Langdon ? Ask her bout faking death.

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I have… It’s @shona_episode

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We’ll send you the questions! Thank you once again :blue_heart:

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That’s a great idea, we’ll try to interview her :blue_heart: Thanks for suggesting!

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