Suggest stories 😉

Hey guys! Since we all have one thing in common here, we all love episode. Can you suggest some great stories? Any type of story will do, don’t forget to type the art style, author and title of the story. Thanks you guys! :heart_eyes::kissing_heart:

Make sure to read the stories other peeps suggested!


Hello @AndreaL! If you happen to love limelight stories you can try out mine. It’s called Puppy Love by Lou. So far it has 5 episodes. I hope you’ll like it! :relaxed::heart_eyes:

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You could read an amazing comedy-

  • Meet the Adams by Rasha. INK style
  • Modern Family by Bolu, INK style

Or you could read my stories-

  • Quiet Conifence by Winter05 with S.Dsana, INK style
  • Soccer Moms: Blast to the Future by Winter05 with Episode Royalty, INK style

Or you could read Episode Royalty’s stories-

  • Surviving Love by Episode Royalty, INK style
  • Thorns by Episode Royalty, INK style
  • Fantastical: Falling From Grace by Episode Royalty, Limelight style

I hope you enjoy these stories if you read them. :blush:


That’s greatt! I’m intrigued with the title. What’s your instagram? I wanna connect with you guys more :smile: Thanks for suggesting!

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Thank you so much! I like that you suggested a lot thank you so much :blush: what’s your instagram if I may ask?

You’re welcome. My instagram is @winter05.episode. :blush:

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Thanks! See you around the forums :blush:

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You can follow me on instagram at @authorlou.episode! Thaaaanks :heart:

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Thank you! See around the forums :blush: it was nice meeting you.

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Title: Choose?!!
Author: @ya (me😅)

It’s not great , but it’s with different idea :wink:hope you can give it a try :hugs:

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Hi I got a really good ideal for a story .

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Hey there! thanks for suggesting the story :blush:. What’s your instagram?

I wasn’t asking for an idea, I was asking for a story :smile: Do you have something in mind?

I deleted it😂a year ago

Oh really :(( Its fine I guess I’ll see you around the forums then. :smile: I’ll make sure to read your story.

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Thanks for checking it out :blush: and ya I will be on forum like 24-7 :joy:

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hahaha me too, I’m spending my free time here in the forums :wink:. See you around then.

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Hidden Shadows & Blue Lily by @Anyanka
Both are Limelight

Fantastical: Black Shadow by @Alex_Af

And my story is also Limelight… :eyes: :joy:
Author: Jade A. Eaton


Aww, thank you! :heart:

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I suggest you Chain Reaction, Faking death, It’s just four letters, Maid for you, Taken, Pregnant by a killer, Fade into you and Pregnant by her boyfriend.
Those are some of my favourite stories, hope you like them.

They are all INK.

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