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Hi @EpisodeSSquad. Thank you for doing this! I would love it if you featured my underrated story on your Instagram. I’ll go follow you now (I’m @winter05.episode). :hugs:

Story Title: Soccer Moms: Blast to the Future
Author Name: Winter05 with Episode Royalty
Customization?: Limited
Style: INK
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 6 [COMPLETE]
Story Description: All it takes is one shot to change your whole life. Win or lose, nothing will ever be the same.
Instagram Names: @winter05.episode with @penroyalty
Story Link:


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It would be great if you could check out my story! :slight_smile:

Story: Autumn Falls.
Author: Luna.
Style: Ink.
Genre: Romance/drama.
Description: As Autumn falls in love for the first time, her life begins to fall apart. As a web of dirty secrets & lies unravel, a dangerous connection between their families is discovered.


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Wow thats such an amazing cover! did you do it?


I wish I was that talented :slight_smile: But no, I had it commissioned.


I’d love it if you could feature my story on your Instagram :smile:
My Instagram is @crazymind.episode

My story:

Title: Nocturnal
Author: CrazyCreativeMind
Episodes: 4 (More episodes coming soon)
Genre: Horror, romance
Style: Limelight
Description: It’s been a year since Eli’s sister was taken by soul-devouring demons. Now, they have come back for him and won’t stop until his sanity is lost and his soul is captured.


I would love it if you could feature my story.
Story Title: Finding True Love Season One
Author Name: Cam Oakley
Customization?: All
Style: INK
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 6 [more episodes
to come]
Story Description: Will you win the challenge of marriage?
Will your friends win?
Help Dani win. :slight_smile:
Instagram Names: @episode.cameronwrite
Story Link:


Thank you so much for creating this thread. I would love if you could feature mine.:slight_smile:
Here’s the details to my story in case you want to check it out.
Author: S_Unique
Title: The Four Horsemen
Genre: Fantasy
Style: Ink
Description: 4 Sins. 4 Angels fell. 4 Horsemen rose. A curse was casted. And the battle of good vs evil is about to begin. CC/ Choices matter
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Hi, my name is Diana and this is my story…

Title: Haunted past
Author name: Diana13
Description: Lexa had a terrible past. What will happen when she meet a bad boy who can be good only for her…
Gener: romance and drama
My instagram: @diana13_episode
Style: Ink
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Hi! Thank you for this thread and for the opportunity! :blush: I’d love if my story could get featured in your Instagram, I’ll leave you the details :blush::blush:

Author: Bonnie Dundee

Author Insta: @bonniedundee.epi

Title: Game Of Disguises

Style: Ink

Chapters: 6

Genre: Drama/Action

Brief Description: Two best friends have fun by disguising themselves as other people and attend luxurious and fancy events, but what happens when they find themselves in the wrong place and at the wrong time?

LGBT inclusive + Advanced Directing



Thank you! We would feature your stories sometime this week or next week :blue_heart:


Thank you! We would feature yoru story sometime this week or next week :blue_heart:


Thank you! We would feature it sometime this week or next week! :blue_heart:


Thank you! We would feature your story sometime this week or next week! :blue_heart:


Thank you! We will feature your story sometime this week or next week! :blue_heart:


Thank you! We will feature your story this week or next week :blue_heart:


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Thank you for this thread! If you feature my story I’ll be forever grateful!
Name of story: The Pregnancy Curse
Name of author: Dr.Smile
Genre: Comedy
Style: INK
Episodes: 2
Description: Being the bad boy always seems like fun and games, but for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Too bad Tristan Stuart realized this way too late. [Male MC]