Suggested Mafia and Royal ending?

Okay so I never write any Mafia stories because I find them cringey and just no.

But I decided to give it a try.

So all of my stories are connected.
This story I’ll be working on is based of the royal family of my storyline.

Davina is the niece of King Johnathon Patrick but her father is a bastard child. Davina’s parent’s gave her up and left her with Duchess Mel, the cousin of the King. Mel is considered Davina’s mother. Davina by day is the angelic Marchioness but at night she’s hunts whoever goes against her uncle, the king.

Note: 699: The Series is about young King JP and his friends in a junior police force fighting crime.

Davina then meets Axel, the son of the mafia who King JP is hunting for. The answer to all the country’s problems. Without knowledge, Davina and Axel fall in love.

There is much more to the story but this is all the info I have now.

i just want to know which ending is better.
Or if someone could share some suggestions.

1. Axel runs away from the country leaving Davina. He finds new love and so does Davina. They reunite years later and become great friends.
2. Axel doesn’t leave but he dies :upside_down_face:
3. Davina helps Axel escape the country and never sees him again.
4. Axel runs away from the country with his mafia gang and is forever alone. Davina finds love and names her son Axel.

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