Suggestion/advice needed


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I am writing a story and I am curious if a flashback in the beginning episode is too revealing or if I should make it a mystery until later?

I guess it would help create suspense because you would want to know what happened but if I reveal it up front I’m afraid it may cause the story to unfold to fast.

What do you think?


I feel as though it depends on how much the flashback gives away. If it gives like the answer to the main secret at the start then maybe don’t have it straight away but you could maybe have it so that it mentions the answer to the secret but so the readers will not notice that it is the answer to a massive secret. This is just my opinion, hope I helped you though. <3


Thanks. It’s part of the underlining secret I suppose. You are right. Thanks! POWER OF MULTIPLE MINDS! Thank you! :smiley:


No Problem Happy I Could Help! <3