SUGGESTION: Conducting an LGBTQ+ Contest

If I’m repeating a thread, please let me know!

Today I was just sitting, brooding and an idea just popped into my head. I imagined how cool it would be if Episode themselves conducted an LGBTQ+ contest, like the ones they do periodically.

Here’s what I think:

  1. We all know that there are comparatively less LGBTQ+ stories on the app. I also think that, mostly. I repeat, mostly people create a bisexual best friend who’s having a heterosexual/homosexual date and mark the story as LGBT. Nope, we need to widen our horizons about referring to a story as LGBT.
  2. Like a story which has a background character male kissing another cannot be treated as LGBT, the same way stories which have the main character as straight and their best friend as gay can’t be treated as LGBT. The best friend will eventually disappear.
  3. Think of the ideas which will never see the light of the day because they were never chased. I reckon there would be so many great entries if you accept all genres, but the story needs to be strictly LGBT. So many new ideas changed into mere artworks will be seen and it could be a baby step towards attaining diversity goals.

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Please, Episode! Conduct an LGBT contest!

P.S: Your opinions matter more than mine! Drop them below, please <3


I like this idea, challenge question though. (just for fun heheh)

Would the MC have to be LGBTQ? Like pretend I wanted to make a story inwhich the mc helps their sister come out to their parents.

And, does the story have to revolve around an LGBTQ theme ? or if one of the main chars is LGBTQ is the only requirement for the contest.

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Well against my better judgement, I guess either of them is okay. It would be better if MC was LGBTQ+ but guess it’s not necessary. It could be like, the story was from multiple POVs, let’s say two. Both of them are equally important and one of the MCs is LGBTQ+ and other’s not

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That’s amazing! But I guess they should conduct a contest :frowning:

Ehm like the Fantastical thing going on nowadays, it would be great if they did a contest of the theme: LGBTQ+ (:

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I love the idea! :heart:
I think it will help a lot of people, either LGBTQ+ who are reading stories to deal with their struggles, coming out or just to make stories more real to them. Others will be more aware of it and see what these people are coming through.:blush:
You have my 100% support :+1:

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Your reply made me smile :blush: I’m glad you are of such an opinion! :smile:

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I love the idea! It would bring us closer to Episode’s diversity goals and increase overall LGBT+ representation on the app. It would help encourage authors, both LGBT+ and cishet, to write marginalized groups as protagonists instead of side characters. As a side bonus, it could also help weed out the most vocal homophobes and transphobes who aren’t willing to learn and change.

At the same time, a deeply cynical part of me also thinks people would write without doing their research and end up turning out a lot of unintentionally problematic works, including a barrage of cliche and unrealistic coming-out stories written by straight cis people. (That isn’t to say straight cis people shouldn’t write LGBT+ stories; they should just do their research and listen to actual LGBT+ people before doing so. Also, we really do have enough coming-out stories in the world and a wider variety of LGBT+ fiction would be fantastic.)


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