Suggestion: Contest and lgbtq+ Genres

Hey Episodians! So, I have been thinking, what if there could be a genre for writing contests? Like maybe there could be a “clue” genre and if people still wanted to write in that theme once the contest is over they can.
Also, maybe there could be an LGBTQ+ Genre as well.
Does anyone else agree with me? Let me know.


I’m not understanding what you mean. Some contests have a genre specification as part of the prompt.

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Yeah, but I mean for example, if you are entering a contest, instead of the genre being drama or something like that, there could be an option for that specific contest you are doing. I just thought that would make it a bit raiser for people but I don’t know.

I am very confused by what you are suggesting can give a clear example?

I think that would mean that episode would have to make many contest’s at once and that could kind of get jumbled. But that would honestly be interesting if they made 3 contests at once because a lot of people could join a contest and don’t have to wait for another month. Well I think that’s what you’re saying but I’m not sure. :grinning:

@PoojaI Maybe this helps?

If that is what OP is suggesting then it’s a bad idea because it’s not possible for the community to keep on top of reading for multiple contests at the same time

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Closed by OP request. :grinning: