Suggestion for a future shelf

I think it would be great for a week,to feature comedy stories on a shelf
And also action/adventure stories!
Since there are not so many stories on both genres.


I’m just tired of the action shelf being bombarded with Mafia/Gang leader stories that practically revolve around romance :cry:


Yesss! Some of them that are with spies and assasins are cool!
But i would like to see some diversity on the shelf.There are ideas with so much potential


Non-Human MC shelf :thinking:

So like where the main MC is a demon, robot, etc.


Demon seems kinda comon to me (Maybe I read to many stories with vampires but ok) however I really like a Robot MC that would be so cool!!

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@Minoesje and @Mehasels

Agree with you, robot stories would be super cool. I don’t know of any though I have written one, just not on episode. Perhaps there are a few in the millions of stories that grace the app. Episode doesn’t have much robot stuff, so it could make it kinda hard but it would be pretty unique and not as common as demons, vampires and zombies :+1:


Omg that’s a freaking amazing idea!

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Aliens would be cool too!

Def check kaylas.epi stories (Infamous,War Dogs)
Andd deff episode.costa ( I Despise you ,and the Abdomination(it’s a fantasy but has funny scenes especially at the beginning of each chapter)

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there’s actually a contest about action/adventure stories :smiley: I’m so excited to see what people wrote

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Yess! Me too. I really hope they can make another comedy contest as well

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Yeah:/ you should check out a story called “Where’s Monday” i read the first chapter,i really liked it
And the stories of episode.costa
And galactic game is so good! Its comedy with drama but you will cry with aliens from lavatera(they have angry expressions with everything they say so they just look too funny)

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yes, I hope so too :crossed_fingers:

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