It be amazing to have some new customisation like for instance suits like super hero an villain customs with masks. so we could do heroes vs villain in our stories id love to see what people do with that. Some rebel clothing not much of them same as hair styles. so we can tell the bad ass people from the nerds to the preps an jocks all apart in the schools we have done with goths an emos and much more. An making the most characters we can have more than 20 so we can make it more in depth with characters An there personalities. it be nice to be able to tell what person in our stories are like so the high school girl being all book nerd and having a love of fashion as a personality trait that we actually pick up by reading it without the having to be told thats what she is an to be able to hit at home with the emotions of everyone reading our stories by giving more emotions and actions making the stories more in depth.

I suggest changing the title to look like this when in this section: SUGESTION GRUOP: Item
EX: CLOTHING: Super Hero Clothes

Also, this post isnโ€™t very easy to understand, so I suggest breaking it up. :blush:

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