SUGGESTION: Markers/Comments in Script


So I have a suggestion, since I don’t know if episode interactive’s coding language already allows this.

Adding markers or comments onto the script would allow for better organization. Something along the lines of HTML’s <–Comment–> code would be great. (Since when I try to make <–comments–> myself in the script, I get an error message.)

This is especially great for people who write complex choices or long scripts. I often find myself spending a lot of time scrolling through the script, searching for different sections in a 2000+ line script.

Please @Episode add this if you can.


You can add comments to your script.

If you use # before your comment, only you can see it and it won’t appear in the story.


#this choice will be used as reference in chapter 10

Also, this is in the wrong category.


Hi! This section is for feedback about the forum website. If you want to make a suggestion thread about the Episode App you can make it in the Feature Request section. You can find the guidelines for how to make those threads here. Cheers! :v:t2: