SUGGESTION: Mobile Forums Scroll

Hi all!

This is a simple idea but it means a lot to me because it would save me A LOT of time scrolling!

Take a look at that screenshot^

I was scrolling through a thread that had over 1000 replies once, and it took me AGES to get to the bottom on my phone, unlike my laptop which has a ‘back’ button and a quicker scroll time!

I believe the forums (mobile version) should have a ‘jump to the bottom’ button next to where it says you are up to. For the screenshot, 282 of 358.

Thank you,

Anisha Xx


SUPPORT!! I mostly use forums on my phone so it would be really useful! :smile:


Haha, thanks Winter! :heartbeat:

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Wait? Can’t you already do that on your phone?

If you tapped on the box at the bottom of your screen called: 282/358 it looks like this:

And you just drag the blue arrow down to the bottom and it gets you to the last post

Or you can press ‘jump to’ and you insert what post you would like to jump to.

I hope this helps :kissing_heart: xxx Liv


You can, yes, but it doesn’t work accurately all the time.


True. It sometime jumps a lot

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Thank you! I tried this out, it works, but still, how would newcomers know this? I would just put a button there just to show.

Trying to make sure I am understanding :). When you put your finger over the scroll bar and move it up and down it doesn’t work? Also, if you tap on the numbers on the bottom right hand corner, in this case it would be 282/358 you can choose to jump to whatever page you want instantly. I hope this helps!

Just noticed @LivLoveDance7 posted the same thing. Yeah, this is the best way to navigate through the site tbh.

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Thank you Jeremy <3