SUGGESTION: Organizing bookmarks



Hi everyone :blush:
I was bored, so I thought I would suggest this. I have too many bookmarks on here (the forums) and it’s a bit of a pain to look through them all and I always forget what I’ve actually bookmarked. I think it would be cool if we could organize our different bookmarks into folders or different categories or something, just so we can find things a lot easier. Like if you support, maybe? :two_hearts:

S :two_hearts:


Yessssss, especially for when I want to share something I bookmarked, and have to scroll down past all the other bookmarks just to find it.


Feel free to create a topic regarding this in the Feature Request section, as this topic cannot be submitted from this sub forum. Thanks! :peace_symbol:




Okay, sorry. Where is the ‘Feature Request’ section? I couldn’t find it…


Hope this helps :smiley:


Okay, thank you! I put it in the Art + Animations, if that’s okay?


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Are you talking about on the forums? This would be better in the Site Feedback section :smile:


Yeah. I originally put it there, but I was told to move it :smile:


Oh…? :sweat_smile:


Definitly support this, I need this!


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