Suggestions for a Valentine's day story!

Hi! For Valentine’s day, I want to write a small collection of mini-stories that are mystery romance or thriller romance. If you have a SHORT STORY idea you would like to propose, please drop it in the comments or dm me! Whichever stories i choose will be credited to the idea person and their character will also be in their story as the mc. I hope to hear your amazing ideas soon! If I choose yours I’ll dm you about further information!


  • Mini story title - if it doesn’t suit the idea or you don’t have one, I will put my own. you will still recieve credit.
  • Description - the idea should be broad enough where i can work with it easily.
  • Category - Is it thriller romance or mystery romance?
  • MC - boy or girl? sexuality? (this might be your character description so keep that in mind please)
  • Credit - how do you want to be credited? (ie. instagram @abc123)

Here’s the template if you want to copy and paste it!


  • Mini story title -
  • Description -
  • Category -
  • MC -
  • Credit -

Here you go! @Iris.Episodes

My own

Kayla loves a boy. She leaves love letters in his letters but he doesn’t recieve them. Why? Because she put them in the wrong locker. Instead a girl recieves those letters. But who is this girl?

Mystery romance

MC: Girl, Name:Kayla, Kayla is bisexual

Forum name for credit though YOU DON’T NEED TO CREDIT ME!


Thank you for your entry😊 share this with others please!


Bump! Anyone else want to help @Iris.Episodes out?


•Mini story title - For Him

•Description -T

The MC is a pet worker, he hasn’t seen or heard from his boy friend in months because he was to go to war, and so Valentine Day was coming up, and so his family members and best friend did something for him that blew him away, what could it be?

(Hang on! I need to make it short lol, still working on it)

•Category - mystery romance
•MC - boy, gay
•Credit - No credit needed.

Thank you for your submission! Please share with your friends!

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  • Mini story title - MISSION: Cupid (I’m bad with titles, you can change it!)

  • Description - A steamy Valentine’s day isn’t exactly Cecile’s cup of tea, especially when she’s aromantic. But when her best-friend finally meets what seems to be their perfect match, Cecile can’t help but make it her mission to give her best-friend the valentine’s day she’s never had. Things will go perfectly… right?

  • Category - Mystery Romance

  • MC - Girl, Cecile/Any name, Asexual & Aromantic
    -Cecile’s best-friend can be boy/girl/non-binary, and pansexual, the love-interest can -
    also be any gender/sexuality, you can get creative with this and just alter the description!

  • Credit - Just forums is fine!

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Thank you for your submission! please share this with friends!

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