Suggestions for gem improvements

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  1. I understand with the trial of different ways to use gem choices, episode is encouraging more gems to be spent. However this seems like it may drive members out of the community, as they will not want to pay so many gems to read a story.
    I suggest that episode reduces the number of gems needed eg:
    8 or less- episode original choices
    1-2 - advert skips

it seems to me that many do not read episode original stories as they contain many gem choices which most readers can’t afford.
Lowering the price of these choices should lead to more using them they will be able to afford them more easily. I’d advise having a trial on this, to see if my idea is correct.

  1. I also think that awarding reader’s gems for reading non featured stories, maybe 1 gem per 5 episodes read. It would let readers support authors, and episode as the reader would have watched ads to read that chapter.

  2. Ads could be a beneficial addition to the gem system. If you could watch an ad gems that would increase reader happiness and likelihood of using them on episode featured stories, and generate money for episode from distributing the ads.

  3. Authors should be able to choose how much a choice costs. For example in a “support the author” choice, if the story has lots of reads, the reader will be forced to pay for example: 20 gems. This means that the reader is unlikely to support authors work, which is very demotivating for authors. Even if I thought mine was a fabulous story, I don’t think charging 20 gems (mandatory for higher read stories), which equates to around £1.50 ($2USD), is fair to the reader, or the author. The reader is much less likely to be able to support the author as they do not have the finance available, as many members of the community are still teens!

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This sounds great! I completely agree with everything.


I agree with everything! Especially the ads for gems choice.


I agree with each and everything


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