Suggestions for keeping it pg 13 or what type of warning should i give

Hello while I’m waiting for a Scene background and large cover are in review. I wanted the opinion on some people. While trying to keep it PG13 and being tone down greatly from some of the original paper drafts.
I’m not asking for wow this story is good or what can i add to make it better. but more if there is anything i should look into or change to keep it age appropiate to the community standards or give a more descriptive warning.

I would greatly any opinion on this ^_^.

Well you can always have choices so if they want it to be more mature then they can have it


maybe be description about what might make the viewers uncomfortable and an option to skip (if it’s a certain scene).

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By the way, if you’re gonna have bad words in your story, make sure you put this “*” in the place of one of the letters!

For example:

If you want to use the B word in your story, write it like this! “B*tch”

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does it matter of you have for eg 10 words that have the ** in one chapter??

I don’t know! :sweat_smile: Maybe you can say at the beginning that the story has mature language, or something! :man_shrugging:t5:


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