Suggestions for writing a good story for 1st time writers


watch all Joesph Evans videos on youtube.
if you got questions ask them here in the forum. but first, try to search maybe it has already been answered
instead of making a forum asking for a cover go to an artist forum it more easy to get one
do not expect your story to be popular. it is a struggle. and getting reads is not about the story been good but promotion. of course, if it is good they will stay to the end.
dont. and I repeat DONT make a cc only chapter.
you do not need art scenes. especially not if you have cc
prepare for hate mail. but to just ignore them
prepare for grammar nazis.episode is full of them.
before you published to get a second opinion. a lot of people do review. you can send the link and they can read the story. but be careful they sometimes tell you to change something you do not wanna change. so dont it is your story, not theirs.
do not write to get reads. write cause you like to do it
it is hard work.
before publishing look your story over on the app. because the view you have on the computer and the one your phone dont always match. and it is best to go after what you see on the app. cause that is what your reader will see




your welcome. I have a few more tips

if you struggle with a scene. leave it be and return later. you got a whole script to do. instead of spending week’s on a scene you can’t figure out. go work on another scene and return later

have your entire plot written down before you start? what you want to happen in every episode. make sure you know where you are going with the story. if you do not have an end you will struggle cause you do not know what you are supposed to do

give your characters a personality. clumsy late. or mental disability(autism anxiety and such) is not personality

think before you write. what are you writing? do you actually have an idea or are you driving on cliches? you can ofcourse have a good idea build on clichi. but if you just do as everyone else do not write. be original. clichi can be original done the right way.

this forum is full of what not to do. i recommend looking at it




say it girl! :sunglasses: :raised_hands:t3: :fist:t3:


This is what I am worried about the most.


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