Suggestions needed on a scene in my story!


In my story football is a big part of my main characters life but of course limelight doesnt have football uniforms so how do you suggest I do these scenes? I thought about having scoreboard backgrounds made that showed the score and I would describe the game as its going on with the score but would that be interesting or does anyone have other suggestions?


I think it would be interesting. If limelight doesn’t have uniforms then there aren’t many good ways to do it. And I’m sure people would understand that!


Yeah I just dont want it to be boring since you wont see the actual game but thats probably the best it can get without the uniforms


Yeah, they should have uniforms though. It kinda sucks they don’t.


yeah you would think they would since a lot of people have their stories based in high school


Yeah and they literally have almost everything from ink in the limelight version, so why would they take out the uniforms.


I wonder the same thing lol


Well hopefully they will add them eventually lol


That’s a good idea! I also think you can add some scenes that show parts of the game so it doesn’t become boring. Like making an overlay of a football and then you can animate it to “score” and so on. And you could show the audiences emotions when something happens.


Oh i like that I idea! Thank you!