Suggestions needed :(


Hey guys. I’m going to write a story about a town and ppl live in it who have their own problems in their life. But I still stuck, bcuz idk what is this story theme, like, what make this story special and worth to read? It needs a main “thing” to talk about in the story. However, I haven’t figured it out. Anyone have suggestions for me? All will be appreciated :two_hearts:


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Just an idea but if you are doing it about multiple people having problems then perhaps you could choose multiple things for the story to talk about and cover a range of topics such as mental health, LGBTQ, discrimination, bullying, prejudice, harassment- I hope this was helpful have a nice day :grinning:


I’ve thought about that too but still, thank you :heart:. But what I mean was what is this story about? Like, I have a MC but what is her story?


I see what you mean; she could maybe be linked to all the people in some way whilst having her own internal struggles, I like stories like this on episode especially when the author somehow makes the MC relatable


Is “living in the same town” considered as relatable?


Kind of but more along the lines of she knows all these people and tries to help them because she is nice like that but inside she is struggling herself, that makes it relatable to me through my anxiety and the fact I like trying to help others :thinking:


There are other problems people struggle with too maybe you could make the MC relatable to you, you never know who is going through the same thing and its sometimes nice to see it represented even if it just in episode. :hearts:


Wow I think that we have some similarities. I like to help ppl too but I also have some anxieties and insecure feelings. So probably my MC can partly represented myself too. Thank you for all of your suggestions :heart:. My MC is a highschool student so how can she help other ppl in her world? I’m thinking about, like, she has her confession page?


Yeah, a confession page would be a great way of linking her with all the characters it could maybe be a blog or even a forum like this where she gives suggestions on how the characters can deal with their problems and maybe she could make it anonymous to the MC but the reader gets to see the persons life. I hope this helps.


Do you have a title for this story so I can look out for it?


Actually I haven’t published it yet, still build up my script tho :joy:. Btw thanks for all of your helps! I appreciate them and they’re very helpful for me. Hope you have a nice day. Thank you sooooo much :heart:


something could happen to her where she has this desire to help everyone and thats where the people come and for some reason they’re special


Thank you :heart:. But I don’t get what you mean very well, my apologies. Can you explain it again please :disappointed:


Basically there could be a time in her life maybe from her own expeirences where she has a desire to help everyone, and then the people you mentioned come in and for some reason they’re special


Thank you so much for your suggestion and have a nice day :kissing_closed_eyes:



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