Suggestions to make episode better

I think episode should provide writers with an extra script , where writers can just add then to their story they’ll be doing causal things so that writers wouldn’t have to stress themselves creating unnecessary characters. They should be extras that can be edited .

they have already done that. just write a name and they will ask if they shall put a character in

Noo I mean like a crowd that you don’t have to make them episode should provide that .

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in your script if you write a name oc charatere you have not made episode will ask if they shall make one for you

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I know what you are talkibg about , But what im saying is so much different. Like you know in a story when there is a scene in a market place or a party tge writer will have to make up diferent characters to make the scene come alive so they woukd make up characters and saying that it would be better if episode made like a template or something where instead of the writers making them its already done qnd the script will accept it

Ook thanks

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