Suicide and Living



Ok so I saw my psychiatrist yesterday and I talked to him about my suicide and he made a good point. And it honestly changed my perspective on things.
100% of people who are suicidal die, everyone dies eventually. So why rush it? For those who want to die because they have no purpose or see no point, what if there wasn’t a point to living? What if the point of living is just to live? (the rest is in general) These days peoples biggest fear is death, but I’m not scared for clear reasons. So my doctor made a point, “If you’re not scared to die why don’t you make the most of it?” Do something fun go rock climbing or sky diving.
You don’t have to have a purpose to live, just live life. Go on adventures, if you’re not scared to die do crazy exciting things. Just not anything stupid like skydive without a parachute.
I don’t know if this makes any sense or helps anyone. I didn’t add a lot of stuff, but yesterday he really changed my perspective on wanting to kill myself. I still do, but I’m not cause I have so much other stuff to do; travel the world, climb Mount Everest, etc.
I hope, I really do hope this helps someone and I hope I added enough.


That’s a great point Jen! Thank you for sharing this!


Wow you make life look so easy. Nice paragraph it is beautiful :two_hearts:


Yeah girl you hit me with that truth there girl. Like emotionally that was great. It’s something we should look as we move through life. Thank you for sharing with us. :blush: this honestly made my day 100%


i try, but it isnt what so ever atleast for me.

thanks :blush:


Your welcome and my pm is always open if you need to vent or talk :grin:


i’ll try i honestly need to get a stress ball or some shit like that


Same I heard those things helps and I have this poor little squishy thingy on my keychain that I use and the poor guy looks so…stressed




Ever tried slime the putty one though. Omg it’s so relaxing to squish my little cousin Emily got loads I’m always stealing it :joy:


i have some, some where


Omg wow… I never thought of it this way, this is amazing.


Try it :grin:


neither did till yesterday


i will when i can find it and when im done procrasinating.


Ok ha ha :grin:


It’s nice you made this thread. I think it could help others. You did a nice thing :grin:


thank you :grin:


Thank you for posting about this! This is very inspirational. As I’ve been having trouble understanding why I am even here when I don’t have any purpose in my life. Like I’m not smart because it’s hard for me to retain information. And I have zero common sense.

But honestly thank you for posting this and sharing this great advice. I don’t feel so bad now not having a purpose in life and that I’m done questioning it. Therefore I will just focus on living and having fun!


im happy it helped!