Suicide and Living



100% :blush: You’re not alone. I’m glad I was able to help, even just a little. Your perspective on hope also gave me something, it reminded me of all the people whom I love and who love me and make this crazy ride worthwhile. Thank you!


Haha! I’m glad I was able to give you something, that makes me genuinely happy. There are times where I don’t feel loved, so I lose hope. But there’s another part of me that says, “They really don’t want you to go. Imagine if you did. They would be sad.” I’m reminded of that girl, and her presence keeps me here. Hell, even if she is straight, I love her a lot.

Oof… Off-topic again! :joy: But you get my point, right?


HOLY SHIT thats a lot of likes


oh ok, im sorry for what happened when u were younger


That’s ok. Thank you for making this post, though.






That’s really sweet, do you have feelings for her even if she’s straight? It’s so rare to find people outside of your family who have such an important influence in your life that you could say they keep you alive, even in the darkest times. Those are some beautiful relationships :blush:

Are we off-topic? Since we’re talking about what keeps people alive and what gives us the will to live, I’m not sure. Let us know, @jenna1012, is you feel like we’re going off-topic; if so, we’re sorry! :raising_hand_woman:


I mean u aren’t yet but it’s getting there. But it’s cool, u guys r fine.


Yes, I do. She’s very precious to me. I want to hold her. Hold onto her. And just be there for her.


That is very good advice.