Suits for Females

Have you guys ever watched Ellen DeGeneres? If you have, then you may see what I’m talking about. She wears suits or clothing close to suits all the time and she looks so good! Why can’t my character do that? In the story Mean Girls, Janis wears a suit and she looks really cool. Why can’t my character look like that?

Suits can be feminine and masculine, and other feminine things can be masculine as well. Ink needs these things, rather than a ton of shoes! I have not checked Limelight, yet, but I’m sure that they don’t have suits.

So please consider this and LIKE THE POST if you agree so that many people can actually SEE THIS.

Thanks! <3


let’s SMASH those gender roles

there’s nothing better then a powersuit to make you feel like a total boss !!

this CLOTHING: (Limelight) Androgynous Clothing might interest you.

Hi! This suggestion is already covered here :slight_smile: Also your title doesn’t follow the guidelines for feature requests, please review those before making any future suggestion threads. Thanks!