Summer Art contest *closed* not enough entries ,thank you to all the people which participated


You can enter drawings/edits/art/splashes/backgrounds
You can only enter one category

Which category you enter first will be judged if you submit any other work it will be denied!

There will be a 1st,2nd and 3rd winner for each category

21st July 2018
Feel free to submit any artwork before then but it won’t be judged right away


Art must not in include nudity,racism,sexism ,keep it PG-13

Comment down below "I am entering " so your name can be entered into the following list of contestants

Do not use anyone else’s artwork as your own!

1st place winner
A gold medal ( virtual)
A shout out on Instagram
A “turn up your volume” splash and "This story contains mature themes " splash
A like to 5 Instagram pics(if you have the app)
A follow on Instagram (if you have the app)

2nd place winner
A silver medal (virtual)
A like to 2 Instagram pics ( if you have the app)
A “turn up your volume” splash

3rd place winner
A bronze medal (virtual)
A like to 1 Instagram pic (if you have the app)

Full out the following and pm it to me to submit your art
Why have you chose to enter this art:(optional)
What inspired you to create it?
Any additional words:(optional),
What prize are you hoping to win?
Insert art:
Post your art here on this thread tagging me at @Episode.gabby




Social media:
Follow my Instagram @gabby.episode2005


I will be entering


Thank you


I will enter as well :grinning:




I’m entering


How do I send the entry.


you can post it here on this thread tagging me @Episode.gabby


I will be entering.


Im entering! heres my entry! (click on it to make it HD

Good luck everyone!


Here is my entry!


Additional Info: Insta @madison.epi_go,d


You have to click on it to see the full version.