Summer Editing Contest


Hey peoples it’s me, em.
Now if you’ve ever requested art from me you know- I can’t edit.
No matter how many times I try- it always looks like garbage.
I want all the character editors out there to enter this contest, because all of you are truly talented.

1.Make a summer themed edit
2.PM it to me


1.It must be a character edit
2.It must be summer themed
3.It must be yours
4.It must be appropriate
5.Everyone can enter
6.ONE entry per person
7.Please put your name on it somewhere
8.It must be entered by August 5th 3pm eastern time, United States
9.Entries entered after august 5th 3pm eastern time, United States, will not be accepted

The winner’s art will be promoted through the forums
(I will pm the winner the details)

Sophia's Character Edit Shop (CLOSED TO CATCH UP) (Free)
Free Cover Art/ Character Edits (INK) (Updated pictures)
Alphabetical song title game

I will enter later!


Ok, you have until August 5th


Does it have to be episode related?


Yes, it has to be an episode character edited


Do u need a judge???


no its just me


I have entered!


I have gotten two entries so far:
Thank you both for entering


I want to enter!


so enter


entries I’ve gotten so far:
all of your edits are amazing!


Oh thanks :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


What do you mean by character edit?


Like your pfp


@jassie12dw is leaving the forums :sleepy:


Oh no why?


Idk, she made a post about it :((


It was something she decided to do… she feels it’s what will be best for her…