Summer partner/ friend needed

Hello, I’m writing a story but my finals are in 3 weeks so currently I took a break. However I want to continue writing (I have 11 episodes) and eventually post it this end of the summer.

Writing a romance mystery story and trying to avoid cliches. Some people who I worked this liked the story so I would like to keep going. U can even write ur own story and we can help each other

I would like someone who can give an opinion on my chapters and who sometimes will help with small plot holes.

U don’t need to code more write cause I’m doing it myself :heart:

Have ig and discord

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Hey I can help you out

By the way I just wanted to know that do you code

I’m an advanced coder

Are you paid

I am not. I’m offering only what I want to get from the partner. I’m not a story coder

I could help you as a partner

Hello everyone. I’m looking for someone who likes romance, mystery stories with little cliches as possible.
I need someone who (DONT habe to code, write) can support me and read as a test reader and give the opinion on my story and sometimes fill tiny plot holes
Have ig if needed

Hey! I can proofread and/or beta read your story for you for a small fee. Check out my thread below and let me know if you have questions or if you’re interested :hugs: