Summer Vacation Plans 🏖

Summer’s coming up !! :parasol_on_ground: :sunny: :palm_tree:

which means

  • no school :pencil2:
  • no work :desktop_computer:
  • & a lot of sitting around doing absolutely nothing

For those of you that do have plans, what are you doing? & if you don’t have any, what do you want to do?


I’ll be visiting my grandparents in India !! :india:

I’m very excited, haven’t been there in almost 10 years.


I’m going to North Carolina at one point, and at another I’m gonna see Dan & Phil on tour! I’m pretty excited.

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I’ve not really planned anything, tbh. I 99% sure I’ll do nothing the whole time, except going out a few times with friends or to visit my grandparents. Maybe I’ll go shopping, who knows :woman_shrugging:

woah Dan & Phill !!


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Staycations are fun too!!

Any specific plans with your friends ?

No, none of us really do anything :joy: maybe have a few sleepovers and go shopping?

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I love sleepovers, my friends and I always build forts and basically we move in there to become hermits.

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Sounds good :joy: we usually just binge watch movies with snacks, talk about memes and play just dance

I’ve got an internship with a local government office, my year-round internship, a short vacation, some family visiting, and also a heckload of college applications :’ )

though between that stuff, I’m kinda excited. I’ll finally have the time to read the books my best friend’s been recommending all year, and possibly some thrillers of my own, maybe I’ll work on writing a little more on Wattpad, I’ll get to watch some movies probably, and I’ll be exploring my new campus and the classes I’ll take there in September.

overall, I’m kinda excited! free time has become a luxury since sophomore year, and I miss it.


I am going to Germany and then on to Switzerland. On the way back I will be going to France and visiting mu grandparents.

I really need to start properly looking at colleges too. I have one year left of high school, but I’m surprisingly not stressed. Yet.

I am about to destroy all your summer plans . . . are you ready . . .

I am going to try, and start an Internship . . . as a PI - Private Investigator

hgteuohgiurthui trh yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssssssssssssr3ru tu49 tu98t u48 tu4tujdksfes (I’m excited, can’t you tell?)

I’m also going on a road trip for 13 days at the end of June.


Ooo, I love the whole Private Eye thing. Bit off topic, but have you ever watched ‘Jessica Jones’?

eyyy same
#whatup senior year I am not ready for youuuu

oo do you want to go into government when you’re older?

yEs bOOKS :books: I really wish I had more freetime to read nowadays.
My school downsized our middle school library. I recently looked at the Highschool one (I’m a Freshman) aNd there’s barely two full bookcases!

oo that sounds pretty cool!!

what do you do as intern in that field ?

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Like a European tour.

Sounds like fun, I’ve always wanted to road trip through Europe.

I’m actually looking into Education/Psychology related fields, but I really loved the idea of this internship anyway and I’ll be working with some city leaders who do policy with education reform which is pretty cool

and ahhhh come down to my high school’s library (well ex-high school in three days yay!)- junior year and I’m still shook by how large it is- they renovated just before I got there (I go to Hell High School, Everytown wink)

yeessss I could be like just like her, but I’m way to nice, and dont drink (and no superpowers :frowning: )

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