Summing up episode at one post

Episode : when wanting to make more featured stories. Pass through all those creatives stories and content and such amazing gems and wonderful and unique storylines

Episode : Let’s see hmm… How about…

Literally me everytime :



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*already present in literally every Episode story
lol fixed it for them.

…but at least they’ve become self aware :joy:


Truee lmaaoo seriously Episode is obssessed over bad boys/mafias and those stuffs like there is sooo manyyy other situations too

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I don’t understand why they set themselves up for this? I’m sure they have seen what everyone thinks about all their featured bad boy stories (or at least what everyone on the forums thinks) and they still post this?!?!?!?!?!?!

Who approves this??? Who sits there and thinks… hmm we should let everyone know we’re making more stories that are almost exactly like the others ones we’ve made, just including more default BG characters.

I’m hoping this was some kind of joke… Maybe episode taking a jab at themselves? Hopefully…


When I saw this post I thought that they must, must be kidding…
The reason why I stopped reading the featured stories except gems is this BAD BOYS!
I am can’t their be stories that don’t follow the same plot over and over again?!?!
Always the bad boy is nice inside but puts a mask on his face to get away from his demons…
I guess this is just episode for us…


Omfg :joy: im literally laughing at how TRUE this is soo :joy: there isnt even like bad boys in every school, dont episode have any idea what else to feature? Its just getting sooo borring having to read the same plot over and over and over again


I can’t stop laughing :joy:

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Yeah that pretty much sums up Episode.

  • I can’t resist a bad boy story
  • Um no thanks, I’ll gladly pass

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Not one person voted I can’t resist AHAHAHAHA :joy:

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We should create a thread with a petition to stop bad boy stories or something :joy:

I don’t think they will stop this as long as the community keeps reading them. Here in the forums it seems like we all hate these stories but then why are they still in the trending section with millions of reads? I guess I wouldn’t even dare admit if I liked them after reading the comments :smiley: But seriously, a lot of people seems to be interested in this for whatever reason.

While I was writing this I realized I actually like a few “bad boy” characters on Episode, but none of them are in featured stories. And this is probably the right time to create a new suggestion thread about the missing dislike button on the forums.

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If I ever met a legitimate “bad boy” in my actual life, which I guess I have, I wouldn’t be interested in them anyway. I just want to talk to normal people without ridiculous internal conflict and daddy issues who take their problems out on the world. (Wow, did I just psychoanalyze bad boys?)

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I’m sure anybody who loves those “bad boys” stories wouldn’t date a bad boy. Actually are there even ones? I never saw them

There are plenty of other topics regarding the communities displeasure with Bad Boy stories. Since this is a duplicate and violating the forum ruIes I am going to have to close it. Please perform a search before creating new topics as chances are high that they already exist, thanks!