🌻Sunflower Art Shop 🌻(Open)

Hey everyone welcome to Sunflower Art Shop

I just started an Art Shop because some of the art shops are full so I decided to open one myself.

Rules be patient and wait for me to do your request for me it will take a hour or minutes depends on what you want

Password: Sunflowerstrong text

Character cards only have one

Coming soon

Coming soon


For the things that are coming soon just send your request and I will send you examples on my insta: jada_episode_love

Love, Jada



Hello what’s the name of the top that the Episode character is wearing in the character card?

Hello! I know it said covers are coming soon, does that mean the example is coming soon or you opening them for making?
I only ask because i am in desperate need of a cover! If you are able to make me one, I can send out the details here just in case!

Password ~ Sunflower
Characters ~ Down below.
Background ~ Black and as if they have been smoking.
Pose ~ Down below.
Due date ~ However long it takes, I don’t mind, but preferably not too long x
Outfits ~ Down below
Extra info~ They are two teens who are secretly in love but don’t know it yet.
Name ~ Secret Attraction



Also, i don’t have IG, so can we message on private instead? x

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The top, or the jacket? x

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The top please

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I think it’s “Lace Sleep Bralette Lace Red True”



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Whats the skin tone for the girl and boy

Girl ~ Gold 02
Boy ~ Gold 02

Thank you! :heart:

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Hi whats the rest of the detail because i cant see anything

You’ve ordered this from more than one place:

Without it getting declined or canceling it.
@jada_episode_love… I’m not sure if this is against your rules, but…

Hi if you want me to do your art cancel the rest

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I don’t think there is, but i wanted to see what people produce! I was just curious and if people could do it for me, i would choose which i like best, and give credit to all artists.

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And send me the character details

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I think i have canceled them. x

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Details are in the post up above x

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Umm please send character details im almost finish finding the animation for custom poses

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It clearly says no threadhopping… so, you’d be breaking two shops rules…

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