Sunflowers­čî╝ Character cards (free){open}(pls dont flop)

Hey well i have recently been making alot of characters cards and i love doing them so if you want me do do one for you pls ask and i will do one here is one of my best ones



pls put the follwing information if you wants one

  • Background
  • Style (im good in LL idk about ink tho)
  • Characters deets
  • Any outher info you want to put
  • if you have a deadline pls put it
  • I can do as many characters as you sant
  • pls put what pose you want
    i hope you like what i make if you do want one and no negative comments pls and thank you Bye :sunflower: :sunflower:

people im working on


it will probably take no more then 1 day to be done depending how many i have to do


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