Sunny Outline Contest🌞

Welcome to Sunny Outline Contest!:sun_with_face:

•write “entering” below
•password to enter is: sun rays🌞
DO NOT remove my waternark

more outlines will be added later

Outline 1



deadline: 25 of October

tags: (sorry if you didnt want to be tagged)
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Sure, I’ll join why not?! :partying_face: It’s a beautiful outline btw! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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entering :blob_hearts: :kissing_heart:
pass- sun rays :sun_with_face:

I’ll probably post on my insta if thats okay with you? if you have an instagram handle lemme know so I can tag you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I’m sorry…I don’t have ig anymore. You can post it there ofc but send it here too.:heart:

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I think I will join :thinking: Where should I post it: :blue_heart:

Password: sun rays :sun_with_face:

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you can post it here💞

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I think I forgot the pass in my entry so…

sun rays :sun_with_face:

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There’s my entry :nerd_face:

its not the best but I tried :broken_heart:

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i love itttt💞

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Sorry about moving the watermark I just wanted to add a background :sweat_smile:

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finished (I finished earlier but forgot to send it to you lol😅) I altered the outline a little hope you don’t mind.

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Bump! (The thread is dead)

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Thanks for the tag, I’ll definitely join <3 sun rays🌞

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