Sunrise Artshop - Moodboards, splashes, overlays, covers and more! πŸ’™ [OPEN] [HIRING!]

Bump !! Requests open :revolving_hearts:

Would roughly be ready in about 2-3 weeks, if that’s okay

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Bump :slightly_smiling_face:


Request completed

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Thank you so much :heart_eyes:

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Yes!! take all the time u need :DDDD ty for accepting it. Also what is thread hopping .-.

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Your very welcome, thread hoping is requesting the same request in a different art shop, then requesting it in another.

oh so if i request a cover here and then another cover from another person thats thread hopping .-.

Yes, if it’s the same cover request. Hope that helps.

Heyy!! Would you make me a story cover please?? :relaxed:

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Hey love :cupid: Just fill out the cover form and the preferred artist you want to make you cover ((:

Okie dokie :relaxed:

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Little update: I’m currently on the shading step. Your request would be completed in a day or 2.

Which type of splash wanted?= Outro
Character details(if any)= I have a character details card

Background (if have send it or state what type of bg is required)=

What will be the text?= Follow me on Instagram @writtenbybri_
Any font preferred= No
Deadline= Monday, June 7th
Any other specifications= No
Password (blur it)=Arsenal


You should tag the artist who you want to make it.
And I guess june 4 th is already over

Oops. Thank you

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uh… today is 11th June right? :sweat_smile:
If you meant 14th June then I’ll be able to complete your request! ^^

and can you tell me what pose you want your character to be in? :blush: