Sunset Academy for girls ~ RP sign ups

The sign-ups are closed, but try to sign-up

Anyone interested in possible dating/ fling relationships with Sofia, she is straight and the relationship could be with the guys from the school nearby

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Sure, my character Damian is available to date ~

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Ok , would it be ok if they were a fling?

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@Jsoccergirl sure, but what is a fling?

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A fling is like a relationship that doesn’t last a long time like a summer fling would be a relationship that lasted for the summer but could happen again in the future.

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Sure, thanks

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@Oreo_girl1 do we have a rough estimation for when the official RP will start?

When will the RP start…? :yellow_heart:

@Oreo_girl1 when does it start

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Sorry I’ve been inactive on this and I forgot about I plan to start this today. I will make schedules and rooms later today

Do you need help?

Yes please

Ok, just tell me. what to help you with,

student schedules please

I’m from Indonesia, so your 6 AM, is my 9 PM. So when will it start? So I can schedule when I play.