Sunset's Help Thread ~OPEN!~

Hello! Welcome to my official help thread. I can help you with just about anything with your script! Here are some of the things I can help with:

  • Script templates
  • Complex and simple choices
  • Points sistem
  • if/elif/else
  • Labels, gains, gotos
  • Basically anything!

Remember to cast a like once you got the help you needed! Please follow these rules:

  • This is MY thread, not yours. Don’t answer any questions without my permission!
  • Please be nice and say please and thank you!
  • Once your question has been answered, please leave a like or bump!
  • This is a help thread, a place to ask questions and get my help with script errors. Please don’t ask “why aren’t my overlays working?!” “I found a glitch in the app, help!” I’m not a moderator or anything, I can’t fix glitches.

Like just fall off a bed?

How do you do timed choices?

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choice [timed:10]
“option 1” {
#choice events here
} “option 2” {
#choice events here

Remember, you can change 10 to the seconds you want it to be.

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Try this:

@CHAR spot .579 154 249 THEN CHAR faces right AND CHAR is run_fall

Change the spot and right to LEFT if you need to.

I cant find my overlays in the directing helper to place them where i want them :frowning: ! I have tried making the scale super small and it still does not work. earth|690x337


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This is probably a glitch, submit a support ticket. If not, maybe try deleting the - in the spot (spot -0.137). If it doesn’t work, submit a ticket.

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I figured out what was wrong, Its the zoom. <3 Tysm for trying to help <3

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