Sunshine art request thread is hiring2 (close)

Your art is amazing. It does not sUcK.

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Faye’s Form

1. Name

Faye (LilylunaEpisode)

2. What jobs I am applying for

Art Scene Artist, Profile Picture Artist, Cover Artist and Banner Artist (whichever is available, I can also do multiple)

3. Examples

4. Groups I am currently in

Yes, Snowflake’s and Zombie Arts

5. Me oof

I’m a sporty potato that likes to draw and sing idk

Thank you for considering me!

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Hi i’d like to join too if that’s ok.:sweat_smile:



2.what jobs would you like to apply for?

Splash Artist
Cover artist
Profile Picture artist
Character Edits artist


4.Are you in any other art group?


5.Name a random fact about you!

I like to eat. :neutral_face:

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Name: Abby
Job: splash artist and cover artist

Art group: No
Fact: I like mayo on my fries💙

I also made this

How do you do those drop-down things