Super bad quality for characters

I don’t know what is happening because it was never like this before but the quality of
the characters are bad now. I don’t know how to fix it… I even deleted the app and downloaded it again.
This is for every story I read now.
It’s not that serious but i just wish i knew how to fix it.


I think this happening because of the new portal update. An error on Episodes end.


Episode is attempting to imrpove space and performance on our devices by reducing the amount of overlays and commands we can have on a scene as well as using similar gif-graphics as Tumblr.

Perhaps, if we make enough of a ruckus about it, we can make them revert the changes.


Not a bad idea.


I hope they fix this too it’s very annoying I miss having everything looking high quality tbh.


I had the same issue till today, then someone from the support team contacted me to inform me that it was solved. I launched my app and the glitch had actually disappeared! :partying_face: So I encourage you all to fill a support ticket and to be patient, because this issue can be fixed.


I contacted them too I hope they help fix it cause it’s very annoying I hope to hear from them soon.

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I know, I’ve experienced this glitch for a month and it really annoyed me, but thankfully it can be fixed :wink:

Right well they emailed me this morning that they fixed it n now my game looks much better so thank u for telling me to contact them!

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Glad I could help!