Super Weird Question About Creating Boys


So I’m writing a story, and the style is limelight. But I don’t know what most people playing episode see as “cute” in a guy. Readers don’t have a chance to customize him, because he’s not any of the reader’s love interests. But he’s supposed to look… “hot.”

Now, I’m aware that everyone is beautiful, and everyone has a different taste in guys. But there’s always the generic “super nice-looking” guy, and I’m not sure how to make him in limelight. I’ve figured something out in ink that looks pretty cute, but limelight it tricky for me.

Basically, can anyone give me some help creating your average “hot guy” in limelight style?

I mean like…

  • An image of a “cute” limelight guy.
  • Typed character details.
  • Written advise on making a “hot” guy in limelight style.
  • Any other helpful ideas…



XD I’d just use a default character for a limelight ‘hot’ guy :sunglasses:


It’s very difficult to make a cute guy in Limelight (It’s just my personal opinion).
But here are screenshots of a character that I make when I get the chance to customize:

Hope this can maybe help you a little :sweat_smile:


Thanks! I’ll use this…


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