Superhero Academy ~ RP Signups


Dear Parent, your child and fifty-nine other children have been randomly selected to be given the opportunity of joining Superhero Academy for the upcoming 2018 to 2019 school year.

Here at Superhero Academy, we randomly select two to three powers for your child to hold for the rest of their lives. You may choose for them to attend Superhero Academy for the full four years of training or for a shorter amount of time.

At Superhero Academy, we will teach your children to control their powers, how to use their powers, how to brew potions, how to use weapons, and teaching them what weapons may be the most suitable for them. All of these things may help you when in danger. Our mission is to make your child enforced when in times of danger.

We hope to see your child attending Superhero Academy!

Before you do signup, I would like to let you know somethings about this RP.

  • Limited Spots ~ This roleplay does have limited signups. Only sixty characters will be allowed in, but more spots may open up in the future. I only plan on having the maximum of one hundred fifteen characters.
  • Reservations ~ If you really wanna get your hands on a character for this roleplay, I do recommend reserving a character. This will ensure you a spot in the roleplay, so go snatch! :wink:
  • Walk Ins ~ If you don’t reserve a spot and signup right away, you will still be able to snatch a spot. Although, if there is one spot left and the person who has reserved has not taken it and you did, your character will not be accepted.
  • Characters ~ Characters can only be to the age of ten to fourteen. If you do not like this, I suggest that you signup to be a teacher instead.
  • Relationships ~ Please be sure not to make siblings for characters and/or relationships ahead of time. Nobody in Superhero Academy knows each other.

If you would like to signup, here is the form.

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Just so you know I accidentally submitted the form… i was looking through it to see what all the questions were about the character, so it just had random text for the answers. I accidentally submitted it so you can just ignore that… sorry… :sweat::woman_facepalming:t2:


That’s okay. Thanks for letting me know. :slight_smile:


Reserve for two :3


Reserve for one.


Reserve for 1!


@PurpleRose @Skyzor @C_ssie


Your reservations have been noted. :slight_smile:




I wanna join, but I’m not really good at this type of genre. not sure what power should i choose


reserve for a student and hopefully a teacher.

Edit: I just tried to submit an entry for a teacher an the age options were 10-14 are the teachers really this age or was this a mistake?


Reserve for two?


Reserve for a student


Just signed up! :upside_down_face:


@Daisy_Flower1, @Kate_Potter, @Sophbee, and @Silverstar


Your reservations have been noted.

I wanted to ask if Avalina originally had powers or is she going to be given them at Superhero Academy?

Whatever you choose is alright, although, she’s originally meant to be given powers. :slight_smile:

It’s okay if you’re not an expert, if you don’t know which powers to do, I can pick them for you. :blush:

That was my mistake, I’ve fixed it so you should be able to properly submit a teacher now. :slight_smile:


I want her powers to be given. Although her backstory might interfere. I also have a question:
Are year powers given at random, or is it given due to backstory and stuff?
Cause If it is it would make a ton of sense due to her backstory and stuff.


Powers are given because of backstories. :slight_smile:


Oh, then I think my powers will work. Well tell me if I need to change anything. :wink:


13 / 60 spots filled.


ahhhh how did I not see you before??


i just realized too! can’t wait to rp together! :yellow_heart: