Superhero Characters (Limelight)



So, I’m making a new action story about superheroes yay! But, I have trouble making other styles of characters, because I have my own style that I love! I feel like other readers have different ones though, and I want to switch it up! Here’s a form if you want to become a villain/superhero!


1. Villain or Superhero?
2. What superpower?
3. Characters details!
4. Make a Superhero or Villain costume and show me! (optional)
5. Give me their name in real life and then their Superhero or Villain name!

Ok, hopefully you all will help me! Here’s an example though of a character!


I’d love to be the main villain.
A speedster.
Skin: Copper 03
Shape: Diamond
Brows: Thin Arch Deep Brown
Eyes: Round Downturned Wide (Gray)
Hair: Long Feathered (Deep Brown)
Nose: Round Button Upturned
Lips: Full Heart Pouty (Color that matches my outfit)
Real name: Miliani
Gillian Name: Malificent
I prefer dark colors, and I’ll create my outfit asap!


The only thing I already have a main villain! But I will make you an important villain! (the main was is supposed to be like her crush from the real world, she goes into an alternate dimension of superheroes if that makes sense)


I would love to a superhero in your story.
Skin: Copper 01
Brow: Arched Natural Strawberry Blonde
Hair: Long high ponytail strawberry blonde
Eyes: Deepset Downturned Green Emerald
Nose: Defined natural
Face:Heart soft
Lips: Small Heart Fair neutral matte
Haven’t got an outfit or name yet. I can think of one if you need me to.

Can I have some models volunteer? (Closed! Thank you for all the volunteers!)

Real Name: Violet
Hair: :Short Wavy Ombre (Red Purple)
Face: Diamond
Eyebrows: Round Thin High
Eyes: Female Generic (Grey Cool)
Nose: Defined Natural
Mouth: Full Heart Pouty (Violet Gloss)
Body: Neutral 01

Role: Super Hero
Hero name: Thorn Widow
Superpower: Plant/Vine

Mask: Cat Suit Cat Mask Leather Mulberry Black
Top: Leaf Tank Top With Wrap Around Flower Arm Band Flower Green
Skirt: Flower Braided Belt Tattered Short Skirt Leaf Green
Shoes: Gladiator Lace Up Leaf Flower Sandal Leaf Green
Headpin: Flower Headdress Beaded Flower Purple Lilac
Necklace: Flower Small Jewel Pendant Flower Purple Lilac

Credit me by Ayu-chan

Let me know when you publish your story :slight_smile:


Hey, how many do you need? I want to be a villain if it’s not too late. :smiling_imp: I’ll get the info right now, I’m working on a costume.


Superpower: Teleportation
Real Name: Venni De La Cass
Villain Name: Flight Risk

Body: Copper 09
Brows: Arched Natural/Dark Black
Hair: Long Faux Hawk Solid/Dark Black or Blue Black if you think it looks better :wink:
Eyes: Female Generic/Hazel Dark
Face: Round Soft
Nose: Round Flared Upturned
Lips: Small heart/Black gloss

Leggings Plain Latex Neutral Black
Gogo boots knee high pleather grey black
cat suit cat mask leather grey black
armored chest piece high neck metal grey black
devil tattered cape black
pleated sequin skirt metal red fuchsia
Diamond Cluster Earcuff Earring Topaz
Bangle Thick Beaded Bracelet Stone Gold

My IG: venni.episode


Hey, if it isn’t too late, I could request a character for you! The info is down below! :grin: :blush:

Character Information

  1. Villain or Superhero?
  2. What superpower?
    Super Strength!
  3. Characters details!
    Skin Tone- Copper 01
    Eyebrow Shape- Arched Thin (Color- Black Dark)
    Hair- Hair Flip (Color- Red Purple)
    Eyes- Deepest Almond (Color- Blue Aqua)
    Face Shape- Diamond
    Nose- Defined Natural
    Mouth- Full Heart Pouty (Color- Red Deep Gloss)
  4. Make a Superhero or Villain costume and show me! (optional)
    -Open Front Skirt Cross Belts Leather Grey Black
    -Circular Patterned Gold Choker Metal Gold
    -Noveau Middle Gem Circlet Metal Gold
    -Armored Chest Piece High Neck Metal Grey Black
    -Armor Plated Thighhigh Heeled Boots Bright Gold Black
  5. Give me their name in real life and then their Superhero or Villain name!
    Real Name: Valeria Reens
    Superhero Name: Black Titanium

Here is a picture of the character in her outfit:


That’s me. You can tie my hair up when I’m fighting if you’d like!


If it isn’t too late I have an outfit, a name and a power now.

y real name would be Aqua Stone and my superhero name would Ocean Flow.
My power would be something water related maybe like water bending.

My outfit is-


Yah know what,I wanted to do an entry but seeing how many you have I just had to accept the fact that I wouldn’t be anything , but anyways Good luck and I’ll be waiting to read


Hey! I don’t know if you still need characters, but if you do, I’d like to be one.

  1. Villan

  2. teleportation and super speed

  3. Skin: Neutral 02
    Face Shape: Diamond
    Brows: Round Medium (Black)
    Hair: Short High Ponytail (Black)
    Lips: Full Heart Natural (Rose Matte)

  4. Real name: Selene Ellios
    Villain name: Achlys/Algea