Superhero Story

I would like to create a story with 5 female superheros i have never done a superhero story before can somebody help me brainstorm?

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Is that all you have? Or do you more? Like plot, etc.

Can we work on one together?

Maybe try making each female superhero diverse?
To show how diverse people truly are, and that who you are doesn’t make you any less than any other person.


  1. Wears a hijab
  2. Black
  3. White
  4. Latina
  5. Gay or Transgender

I know that’s really deep but it’ll make your story a lot different from others.



I 100% agree with this👌🏽

Thank you, I appreciate it!

Salma :two_hearts:

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That’s a great idea but i might need help with creating transgender and what’s a hijab? I will make each character twice they will be normal high school girls during day night time they will be there alter egos

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A hijab is a head scarf that is usually worn within the Muslim community. There are a lot of people who have been harassed for wearing a headscarf, so for you to put a girl in your story who wears a headscarf is very endearing.


If you are wondering, Episode does have headscarves in their outfits editor. This is if you’re using limelight, I’m not sure if classic and ink has it.

Salma :two_hearts:

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Is thaw story in Ink or Limelight? Cause I can help you search for the Hijab in the portal.

I beleive the super hero stiff is only limelight and now i know what a hijab is

Maybe the main character could have super strength. Super strength is a rare power for main characters. Maybe she could have super speed, too.

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Maybe one can have gravity manipulation? :thinking:

Yea, I don’t mind.

Here you can use my characters for your story. It can help in your inspiration etc etc.

image image

Credit Name: Jannah Jackson

Body : Gold02

Brow : Round Medium (Black Dark)

Hair : Bald

Eyes : Round Medium (Brown Black)

Face : Heart Soft

Nose : Round Button

Lips : Small Heart (Beige Light Gold Matte)

1st Outfit:

  • Hijab Cotton Yellow Cream
  • Noveau Off The Shoulder Tiered Gown Shawl Silk Navy Blue

2nd Outfit(If the story requires a change of clothes):
-Hijab Cotton Green Sea
-Mesh Top Floral Spaghetti Strap Cream Floral
-Long Double Button Coat Cashmere Olive Green
-Side Stitched Button Up Jeans Denim Neutral Tan
-Boots Country Chic Leather Tan

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I can help , do you have a main idea

5 girls, A gay girl, A latina, an Indian, a Caucasian and an African american are normal high school students during the day, At night they turn into their alter egos the warriors and they try to save the world from their arch nemesis Black Mask

Keep in mind, if you’re going to use a muslim superhero with a hijab, she can’t show too much skin.

Salma :two_hearts:

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She wont

could you make a few outfits like those with futuristic/alien vibes to them? I am wanting to do that with my characters but it’s harder with the futuristic them…

That might be hard if they’re – supposed to be – everyday girls.

Salma :two_hearts: