Superheroes and Villains: Accidentally United! ~ RP ~ Sign-ups

Would you believe me if I were to tell you that on the same day every year, all the Superheroes of the world gathered together for a meeting? Not only to socialise, but to discuss the world’s problems as well. Well, what if I were also to tell you that Villains did the exact same thing on the exact same day, would you also believe that?
Well, every year on the very same day, both groups meet secretly. Changing their meeting location each time. HOWEVER, this year, they have booked the same location, except in adjoining rooms. What will happen when they find out that their arch-enemy is in the next room to them? Will there be battles or even bring on the end of the world?

Why do they meet up separately every year? Well, obviously to discuss the goings-on in the world, but also to bring up any issues needing to be addressed. At this annual meeting, one gets information, as well as hopefully a solution to one’s problems.

You will be able to create superheroes and/or villains, along with giving them a power (if any). Although, when the character is made, I will give a selection of superhero/villain pseudonyms and cities to save/rein over. Then you choose from the selection.
Before the RP starts, I will also give each character an arch-enemy. Also, there are a few extra plot ideas that I have in my head, which will be intertwined with the RP if it does get made.

Please read ALL the information below before signing up!

RP Rules

This will be an RP with possible SG elements (very occasionally). I could SG (write for) all your characters during certain points, but only if I find it is needed.


  1. Standard roleplaying rules apply!
  2. Be active and able to reply at least once a day. You don’t have to be overly active, waiting for people is all gravy since we live all over the world! But once a day is all I ask.
  3. Write in the third person, please try not to have the character be you and write in the first person. If you write in the first person then it makes it weird and harder to have bad stuff happen to your character, because it feels like we’re doing it to you.
  4. Write in the past tense, that way the story is logical and easy to follow.
  5. Keep posts to a reasonable length. A long one is fine, just not every time, else people will tire and not read them all. Too short and you’re not giving the other writer much to work with. Try to write at least four lines, not sentences (on a computer).
  6. This also goes for character creation. Be descriptive but also concise. You don’t need to give their life story, you can summarise.

Sign-ups: READ please!

So I will have no limit to characters, as long as the genders are kept semi-equal, you remain active (at least one post a day), and follow the rules.
As for the rules above, I’m going to be strict and implement a “three strikes and you’re out” system. You will get two to three warnings (depending on how nice I feel), then your character(s) will be removed from the RP (or adopted out) if you continue.

  • Superheroes can know each other, as can villains, from their previous annual meetings. Though it is unlikely heroes and villains would unless they’re arch-enemies, or perhaps just in stories.
  • You can be any gender, so long as they’re semi-equal.
  • You can create more than one character.
  • Just do not mention your superhero name or city you rein over, as that is decided after creation.
  • READ ALL the notes and information I’ve written in the sign-up form. Password: Good&Evil If they’re not followed then I may not except your character.
  • Reserve first before signing up and make sure to add a timeframe for when you can submit your character(s) by, please?!
  • There will be NO teenage superheroes or villains, as it is not very realistic to have these all-powerful beings around the world if they are not fully developed adults, which is 25. So they can’t start being heroes or villains until they are past their teenage years, so not younger than 20.


I don’t know when I aim to start this RP, as it’s dependent on sign-ups. Once I have a sufficient number of people, the RP will start.

Ratios for Character creation

SuperHero FaceClaims

Villain FaceClaims

People who were interested…

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When the role-play starts, this thread will be used for general chat, so we don’t crowd the RP with out of characters chats (OOC or ORP).


Reserve for one female villain.

I’ll submit her when I’m free.


Reserve for one female villain please will try to submit her before next week saturday


Okay, cheers. Thank you both for telling me. (wink)


I’m going to reserve one villain for now


That’s awesome, but what is the timeframe on that. As in by when can you submit them?


Oh, sorry. I’ve read the rules but still forgot to put it.
Like… this Saturday, maybe? But it depends… If no, then somewhere next week.


HAHA. No worries. It’s more for me to be able to know when approximately things will be ready. (wink)


Reserve for 2 superheros and 2 villians (male and female for both). I’ll submit them either today or tomorrow.


Wicked. Thank you muchly!


Can I reserve two villain and two superheroes? Male and female for each.
I’ll try to submit them by Sat/Sun


@CrazyCaliope does the background in the signs talk about how they became a superhero or anything like that? Or is it about their normal adverage life?


Can I reserve a female villain?


Wicked. Thanks. (wink)

Whichever you want; either or both. It’s whatever you think will help you have the base for your character so it can be developed later. (wink)

Please read the first post too, as I asked for a timeframe. (smile)


I’ll submit when I’m free. Sometime this week


Okay, thank you.

EDIT: @LegacyLockwood, I just saw that you submitted a character, even though you have haven’t added bio or personality, 'cause you wanna PM me that or something. However, the when I looked up the power AND weapon part, I saw that character, and does it not seem like you have just tried to duplicate “Erza Scarlet” in looks and costume just a bit? (pondering)


No, actually I was trying to make my character like this. The book inspired me to make a character like that. The fact that she was like Eraz Scarlet was concidence (well besides the power)


Sorry, for some reason I can’t access that website. It just comes up with not found.
Anyway, I understand that we find inspiration from characters, films, books, authors, etc. Although, this one just seems so similar and there is a way to still be inspired by making one your own without making it seem like a “copy”. Sorry.


It’s alright. BTW the book is called Valkyrie and it’s by Kate O’Hearn


Reserve for a female hero. I’ll sign her up today.