Supernatural high official thread



O’Brian High school is a school built for the supernatural beings (Vampire, Werewolves, Banshees, Revenants, and Mermaids/Sirens) as well as humans
The school is made so children of both worlds can intermingle and hang out together.

Vampiric Rules.
Permission to drink from humans. once done drinking from human, make them think they fell and hit themselves (Blood drinking causes delusions)
No power use in front of Humans
No turning humans into Vampires. unless permission from both Headmaster and person
(Powers are superspeed, superstrenght)

Werewolf Rules
No turning Humans into werewolves unless they consent and talk to headmaster and permission is granted
no powers in front of humans
(Powers are super speed, heightened senses, the ability to turn humans into werewolves)
Werewolves can turn at will when angry
are forcably turned on full moons

Banshee Rules
No powers in front of Humans
(super scream)
Banshees are mutated humans basicly. But are classified as Supernatural for there powers

Revenant Rules
No killing, and powers
(Making human a Revanent) Not allowed
revenants are Dead and then reanimated.

Mermaid/Siren Rules
No entering water around Humans.
No powers in front of Humans
(Powers are the ability to control water)
Once touches water, you begin to turn into a mermaid/ siren
Sirens are dark, and there magic is chaotic, disasterous
Mermaids are light, there magic as controlled, healing

Change in eye color (Vampires And Werewolves, and Revenants)
Werewolves: Eye color changes to orange/ gold when angry, turns to there wolves eye color when transforming

Vampire: Turns red when hungry, black when in control

Revenant: Red when angry

Rules for everybody
Romance is allowed, but please, when pants and shirts and underwear come off, just… dont go that far.
Drama is allowed. Not allowed OOC (Out of character) drama.
Please keep in mind that there no schedule and just make it up as you go. Thx

New people welcomed throughout year

All werewolves are in the same pack once entering the school system, if you wish to make yuo own pack, Ask current Alpha and Headmaster to make arrangements

Supernatural High school

River finished packing her bag full of pencils and paper and almost forgetting the book she was rereading, absently moving a strand of hair out of her face, she walked outside the door of her foster parents house, leaving her car and walking down the street towards the school her Foster mom owned. Kicking the ground and fiddling with a leaf


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Brennan Wickett

Brennan sighed as he walked down the sidewalk to the school. He had been lucky enough for his foster parents to live close enough to the school. Unluckily though, he had a feeling his foster parents would be getting rid of him soon. He sighed, looking up to the way ahead of him, spotting someone else walking. ‘Hmm…’ He thought a moment before walking closely behind her, mostly hoping she wouldn’t notice him.



River continued walking, dropping the leaf after noticing someone behind her, and quickened her pace towards the school. She reached into her bag and grabbed her book, flipping it open on to page one, hoping she would forget about the person walking behind her.


Brennan Wickett

Brennan furrowed his brow and glanced to the ground. ‘She noticed. Damn it.’ He thought. He looked up to the sky after a moment, figuring the school would be close enough. He hoped so, at the very least.


River took a sharp turn and entered the school grounds, She sat under a white oak tree, pulling out her phone and texting her mom when school will start


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Zarin Larkwood
I packed my bag with a few things I wasn’t expecting much I had been to a million different schools because I had a tendency to “Act out” But it was usually not on purpose. I headed out of the house and started to walk to the school. Usually I would wait for Kelsy before I left but she had been pushing me away lately so I left with out her.



“You’ll enjoy this, just you wait” said her mother as she parked about a block away from the school. Marina took five deep breaths before giving her mother a kiss and exiting the car. She pulled her curly locks into a high ponytail as she proceeded to walk to her new school. It was the first time in years that she was attending school because ever since the incident she had been home schooled. She wondered if her classmate would think she was weird, would she be judged, her thoughts were becoming jumbled and to block them out she decided to shove her air phone in her ear and blasted 5sos. Soon she had arrived at her destination and decided that taking a short tour around the school before class started was a good idea.


Her mother responded, telling her to go to the gym. She stood up, just as the bell rang and her mothers voice travelled through the intercom, requesting all new student head to the gym.


Kelsy Larkwood
I was getting ready to head to school when I realized I was late and that Zarin had left with out me. He didn’t even tell me he was leaving what was with him lately. I wondered as I grabbed my skateboard and headed to school as fast as I could.


A girl walks up to the school swaying slightly with each step and sighs: ha and now I make it to number seven. She then keeps walking into the school


The bell rang as the voice over the intercom instructed all students head to the gym


She steps into the gym and goes for the top row of bleachers in the back corner


Allison Harting- Werewolf

“Arg! I HATE mornings!” I said as I slumped out of bed. A bird was chirping- maybe a Blue Jay? After I put on my outfit and grabbed my bag, I checked the time. Crud! I’m almost late for school!! I ran out the door and to school, which I wouldn’t normally do, but hey- I’m a werewolf! I should use my abilities to the fullest extent! It took about 5 minutes, considering I hadn’t been on a run for days.

When I arrived at school, I headed straight for my locker. SHIT!!! Just as I walked in, the intercom said to go to gym, so I dropped my bag in my locker, and ran, of course. Lucky me. I thought as I slowed down and stepped inside. I sat at the top row bleachers, away from people.

ORP: Approachable


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Zarin Larkwood
As I heard the intercom I debated on ignoring it but I had promised Tom and Kelly that I would try to do better in this school so I went in to the gym and randomly sat down on the top row of bleachers as I rolled my eyes and looked around. Then I realized there was a girl I was sitting next to and by her smell she was a wolf too



After dashing through the halls she finally found the gym although by the time she found it she was out of breath and sweating., She dragged her legs up the stairs of the bleachers and sat on the top of the bleachers where she thought no one was but sadly she was mistaken. She decided to suck it up because she told her mom she would try to make at least one friend.